100+ Interesting Biology Presentation Topics with PPT (Download)

Biology Topics for Presentation & Research

Biology is a topic that every school student studies and university student who does major in life sciences, biochemistry, or medicine at a higher level. We’ve created a list of different potential biology topics you could choose from for your presentation as well as provide you with relevant links for articles and PPT. Biology presentation topics that are interesting must be engaging, attention-getting, and academically relevant. They must deal with fresh findings as well as contentious issues. A superb topic is the foundation of a scientific argument that contains a noteworthy scientific concept. It should also spark greater debate and lead to more research in the future. 
Biology Presentation Topics
College students struggle to come up with a fascinating topic for their presentation and speech. These biology topics may provide you with some ideas for your presentation. You might choose one for your biology presentation or use them as a starting point for developing your own concept. Traditional biology subfields such as plant and animal biology, ecology (current global problems provide a number of latest topics), or topics related to humans, such as neurobiology, recent discoveries on diseases and the immune system, and so on, could all be interesting biology presentation topics and biology speech topics. You can also take topics on biological equipment and different biological experiments. So, find your interest and get started!

Interesting and Easy Biology Presentation Topics

  1. Biology: Study of life
  2. The Fundamental Units of Life
  3. Career Options with a Biology Degree
  4. Famous Biologists and Their Contribution
  5. Biological Discoveries that Revolutionized Life Science
  6. Biology in Fiction
  7. Biological Immortality
  8. The 6 Kingdoms of Life (PPT 2)
  9. Taxonomic Rank
  10. Animal CognitionMost Intelligent Non-Human Animals
  11. Latest Developments and Discoveries in Biology
  12. The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth (PPT 2)
  13. The Origins of Life on Earth
  14. Human evolution
  15. The Origins of Agriculture
  16. Disease and Its Types
  17. Pathogens
  18. Immune System (Complete PPT)
  19. Major Tropical Diseases (Article)
  20. Darwinism:  Theory of Biological Evolution (PPT 2)
  21. Domestication of Animals and Plant
  22. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
  23. GMO Crops: Friends or Foe
  24. Molecular Biology
  25. Microbiology
  26. Microbial Genetics
  27. Biological Molecules
  28. Gene: Fine Structure of Gene 
  29. Fundamentals of Genetics
  30. Life Cycle of the Cell
  31. Classification of Chromosomes
  32. Gravitational Biology: Gravity and Life on Earth
  33. The Biology of Wood
  34. Amazing World of Marine Life 
  35. Bioenergetics and Biochemical Reaction
  36. Bioluminescence
  37. Biopolymers and Environmental Impacts
  38. Impact of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystem
  39. Bioremediation
  40. Coral Reefs Preservation
  41. Dormancy
  42. Development and  Ageing
  43. Hybrid
  44. Overpopulation / Overabundance
  45. De-extinction: Bringing Extinct Species Back to Life
  46. Micro-animals
  47. Aquaculture
  48. Limnology
  49. Human Eye: Evolution of the Eye
  50. Biodiversity and Its Importance
  51. Importance of Photosynthesis
  52. Artificial Ecological Systems
  53. Calvin Cycle
  54. Phase-Contrast Microscopy
  55. Central Nervous System
  56. Reproductive Cloning
  57. Genetic Mutation in Plants
  58. Vaccines: How are they Developed?
  59. Oxygenic photosynthesis: Photosynthesis in Bacteria
  60. Human Cloning: The origin and its basic principles
  61. The Origin and Anatomy of COVID-19 Virus
  62. Mutation of Viruses
  63. Protein Structure
  64. Human Microbiome: Gut microbiota 
  65. Pheromones: Are Human Pheromones Real?
  66. Hydroponics
  67. Essential Vitamins and Minerals Our Body Needs
  68. Polymorphism and Colonialism in Honey Bees
  69. Cellular Structure and Function
  70. Evolution and Natural Selection
  71. Major Theories of Evolution
  72. DNA sequencing and Genetic Code
  73. Structure, Functions, and Types of Ecosystem
  74. Food Chains and Food Webs: Concept and Applications
  75. Conservation Biology: The Latest Efforts for Prevention Extinction
  76. What makes Tardigrades, the world's toughest animal?
  77. Different methods of Food Preservation
  78. The Nitrogen cycle and Nitrogen Fixation
  79. Hormones and Human Behaviour
  80. Life Cycle of Your Favorite Plant
  81. Environmental Sustainability
  82. Influence of Noise Pollution on Living Organisms
  83. Fertilizers and Influence on Plants
  84. Urban Ecology
  85. Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology
  86. Natural Disease Resistance in Plants
  87. Tissue Engineering
  88. Circadian Rhythm or Circadian Cycle
  89. Muscle Contraction
  90. Skeleton System in Human and Animals
  91. Respiratory System in Animals and Plants
  92. Urinary system
  93. Nutrition in Human, Plant, Animals
  94. Minerals in the plant cell
  95. Plant Roots, Anatomical Structure, and Functions
  96. Phytohormones: Plant Hormones
  97. Glands: Anatomy and Function
  98. Human Immune System
  99. Heart and Circulatory System
  100. Predation, Herbivory, and Parasitism
  101. Plant Root System
  102. Decomposers and Scavengers: Importance
  103. Migration of Organisms
  104. Animal Navigation Ability
  105. Animal Reproduction
  106. Plant Reproduction
  107. Urinary System of Aquatic Animals
  108. Plant Diseases: Natural Disease Resistance in Plants
  109. Antibiotics
  110. Factors Affecting Enzymatic Activity
  111. Plant Morphology
  112. Endangered species
  113. Ecotourism and Its Benefits
  114. Modern Technology and Scientific Tools in Biology
  115. Water cycle / Hydrologic Cycle / Hydrological Cycle
  116. Homeothermy
  117. Poikilothermy
  118. Medicinal Plants Around Us
  119. The Biology of Seamounts
  120. BioEthics
  121. Biotechnology Revolution in India
  122. Noise pollution and the environment
  123. Nucleotide Biosynthesis

These ideas will fit most standards without creating too much stress if you're seeking simple Biology Presentation Topics for high school assignments and Biology Speech Topics. These interesting and easy topics are listed for anyone who has to deal with Biology for any reason, including school and undergraduate students. It all relies on the scope and magnitude of your project, which is why you may require professional research paper assistance.