General Seminar and Presentation Topics

Here we are sharing the best general topics for seminar and presentation, that is trending and useful for the students to preparing on. New topics and creative aspects can make your presentation exceptional. A successful presentation is not only about the content. But the way you present your ideas efficiently. So select your topic with these interesting presentation topics for your school and college presentation assignments. You can search the website for more technical and non-technical trending seminar topics and download the seminar report, journals, ppt. Click on the topics that will open a new page with the download links or articles that will help to get ideas and points to prepare your presentation.
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List of General Presentation and Seminar Topics

  1. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Environment: PPT | PDF Report
  2. Technologies That Are Helping Fight COVID-19 Crisis
  3. Social Media and its Effects | Seminar Report | PDF | PPT
  4. Ozone: A Protector or Pollutant | Experiment
  5. Latest PPT on GST for Students | Goods and Service Tax India
  6. Seminar Report on Black Money | PDF | Essay
  7. How is the Internet Affecting Our Intelligence
  8. The Impact of Violence in Television, Films, and Video Games on Children
  9. Recover, Recycle and Reuse: An Efficient Way to Reduce the Waste
  10. How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Successfully? (Article 2)
  11. How to Help Depressed Teenagers? (Article 2)
  12. Age Discrimination in the Workplace
  13. Advantages and Disadvantages of Family Types (PDF)
  14. Middle-Class Consumerism in India
  15. Lesser-Known Archeological Wonders of India (World)
  16. Unique Culture of your Country: Customs & Indian Traditions (India)
  17. Differences Between Early Birds And Night Owls
  18. Importance of Yoga for Students
  19. Essential Security Checks to Keep Your Phone Safe
  20. Online and Banking Fraud Prevention