100+ Informative Speech Topics on Science and Technology

The main aim of the best informative speech topics is to learn the most critical technological and research advances and report them briefly to your audiences. Below, you’ll find some good topics on science and technology that proved to win attention and interest. Students must do lots of research on all sides of the topic before start writing an informative speech. Try to Look at different sources like internet, books from the library also figure out the points of view to be sure you’re getting the complete picture. You can also consult experts on the topic and try to get more uncommon facts.

Informative Speech Topics on Science and Technology for Students

Informative Speech Topics on Science and Technology
  1. A Scientific and Ethical Perspective on The Developments of Human Cloning
  2. Albert Einstein’s achievements
  3. Alligators compared to crocodiles
  4. Alzheimer’s disease: Causes, Precaution, Cure
  5. Antivirus software: beware of malware functions.
  6. Biological Warfare and Its Consequences
  7. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  8. Body language discloses the most hidden secrets
  9. Charles Darwin’s contributions to science
  10. Cloned Animals: Example like Dolly the Sheep
  11. Computers through the decades.
  12. Defining A Computer Virus
  13. Difference between a Virus, Malware, Ransomware
  14. Does Global Warming really exist?
  15. Falabella horses are the tiniest in the world
  16. Fascinating information regarding our brain
  17. Fish oil and mental performance (Omega-3)
  18. Genetically Modified Food.
  19. Growth of Robotics
  20. How a water plant operates.
  21. How air pressure works.
  22. How airport biometrics systems work.
  23. How Can We Continue Benefiting from The World Wide Web?
  24. How cellular phones work.
  25. How has social media impacted our daily lives?
  26. How Is Social Media Changing Our Lives?
  27. How is text messaging affecting teen literacy?
  28. How listening to music influences our brain
  29. How nuclear power works.
  30. How roads are built.
  31. How satellites help communication.
  32. How search engines work.
  33. How smart are dolphins?
  34. How technology has destroyed human interaction.
  35. How the brain functions
  36. How to build a computer.
  37. How to follow a career in nuclear physics
  38. How to practice cyber safety.
  39. How to stay alive during a shark attack
  40. How voice over IP works.
  41. How watches work.
  42. How we can create geniuses.
  43. Insane scientists throughout history
  44. Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About the Human Brain
  45. Irrigation Farming Techniques in The Middle East
  46. Is humanity still undergoing evolution?
  47. Is wind energy cheap, effective, and practical?
  48. Isolating nicotine from tobacco
  49. Mars used to be similar to the Earth
  50. Nikola Tesla was ahead of his time: Explain some achievements
  51. Modes of communication are constantly changing.
  52. Polar bears as an endangered species
  53. Reasons for colonizing Mars
  54. Renewable Energy Technology
  55. Robots now and in the future.
  56. Role of IoT in Education
  57. Security and Privacy Issues in Social Networking Sites
  58. Some interesting facts about the human brain.
  59. Technological Unemployment
  60. Technologies showed in science fiction movies in real life
  61. The advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  62. The advantages of wind resistant devices
  63. The astonishing strength of our mind
  64. The benefits of 3D printing.
  65. The best new technologies.
  66. The best plants that grow indoors
  67. The birth of our planet
  68. The danger of putting too much personal information on social networks.
  69. The decline of interpersonal communication due to technology.
  70. The difference between hardware and software.
  71. The effects of violent video games on children.
  72. The evolution of genetic mutations
  73. The evolution of greyhound dogs
  74. The evolution of the internet.
  75. The evolution of the iPhone.
  76. The evolution of video games.
  77. The formation of the Great Lakes
  78. The future of electric cars.
  79. The Future Of GMO’s In Agriculture
  80. The history of programming languages.
  81. The physics behind animals hunting techniques.
  82. The isolation of nicotinic acid from tobacco.
  83. The journey to becoming a nuclear physicist.
  84. The line between the human brain and a computer.
  85. The major technological changes since 2000.
  86. The most efficient techniques of catching butterflies
  87. The most recent astronomical technology
  88. The most recent findings in astronomy
  89. The necessity of preserving our trees
  90. The negative effects of cellphones.
  91. The percentage of our brain is used
  92. The process of manufacturing chocolate
  93. The purification process of bottled water
  94. The reasons for which bats sleep upside down
  95. The significance of oxygen
  96. The uses of artificial intelligence computer networks.
  97. The utilization of DNA proof
  98. The way in which a galaxy is born
  99. The way in which earthquakes are forecast
  100. The way in which light-radiating diode lamps function
  101. Tigers as an endangered species
  102. Tracing the Future of Space Science And Exploration
  103. Transhumanism and the evolution of the human race.
  104. What it means to be a genius?
  105. What would we do without electricity?
  106. What’s The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?
  107. Why college students should be careful about what they put on social media.
  108. Why human toenails lack hair?
  109. Why hunting whales ought to be prohibited
  110. Why is human cloning banned worldwide?
  111. Why is the colonization of Mars important?
  112. Why technology is a bad thing for growing minds?