Latest Technical Seminar Topics for CSE Computer Science | 2019

Latest Seminar topics for Computer Science Engineering CSE 2018 (Downloads)

These are some of the emerging technologies in the field of computer science until 2018. Engineering and technical students from Computer Science CSE Branch can select and download the relevant reports with PPTs. The PPTs and seminar reports are one of the most popular for the particular topics on SlideShare. Kindly download and if you like please support us by sharing the CSE seminar topic page and liking us on Facebook.
Latest Technical Seminar Topics for CSE 2018
Most CSE seminar topics uploaded here are taken from the best credible documents available on the internet for your seminar. Taking help from them we have composed and prepared the best possible illustrated PPTs and seminar reports for your college and school projects for computer science CSE subjects.

Seminar Topics for CSE Computer Science

Optical Computing | Photonic Computing

Data Mining

Web Mining

Immersive Environments and Virtual Reality

Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System

RAIN: Reliable Array of Independent Nodes

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) 

Technological Unemployment 2018

5G Wireless System

IoT: Internet of Things

Big Data

Machine Learning

RFID Technology 

Multimodal Deep Learning

Blockchain Technology

Deep Learning

Edge Computing 

Internet of Things for Smart Cities

Exascale Computing System

Palm Vein Recognition System

Quantum Computation |2018

Soft Computing

Bluetooth 5

Fog Computing

Cloud Computing

Google Glass


Hand Gesture Recognition Technology



Virtual Processing Unit


Fog Computing

zForce Touch Screen Technology

Artificial Neural Networks 


FACTS (Fast Access Control Technology Solutions)


Digital Signature

Domain Name System (DNS)



The Socket Interface

Brain-computer interface (BCI)

Object Detection and Tracking

Quantum Cryptography

FLCD - Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display


3-D password

SixthSense Technology 

Future Challenges In Computer Science

USB Type C

Semantic Web

Search Engine Optimization SEO 

Robotic Process Automation

Latest Seminar Topics List for CSE 2018

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Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology
DNA Digital Data storage
Exascale computing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart speaker
Software-defined radio
Voice Over Internet Protocol
The Tiger SHARC processor
Autonomic Computing
Wearable Computers
Voice Portals
Tamper Resistance
CGI Programming
DRM Software Radio
Intrusion Tolerance
Green Computing
NVIDIA Tesla Personal Supercomputer
Zettabyte FileSystem
Breaking the Memory Wall in MonetDB
Enhancing LAN Using Cryptography and Other Modules
Generic Access Network
RESTful Web Services
Google’s Bigtable
Cloud Computing
Google App Engine
3D Internet
BlackBerry Technology
Facebook Thrift
Mobile Number Portability
Capacitive And Resistive Touch Systems
Cyber Crime
Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems
Mobile Jammer
Mind-Reading Computer
5 Pen PC Technology
Keil C
Mobile TV
Mobile WiMAX
Mobile Phone Cloning
Nano Cars Into The Robotics
Intel Core I7 Processor
Airborne Internet
Sixth Sense Technology
Security Features of ATM
Brain Gate
Palm Vein Technology
Sniffer for detecting lost mobiles
Packet Sniffers
Brain Chips
Pill Camera
Blue Brain
Generic Visual Perception Processor GVPP
Google Chrome OS
Yii Framework
Word Sense Disambiguation
Wolfram Alpha
Tool Command Language
Text Mining
Computational Visual Attention Systems
Software Reuse
Soft Computing
Visible Light Communication
Skinput Technology
Semantic Digital Library
Seam Carving for Media Retargeting
Ambient Intelligence
Public Key Infrastructure
Plagiarism Detection Techniques
Neural Interfacing
Location Dependent Query Processing
Fiber Channel
Compute Unified Device Architecture CUDA
Combating Link Spam
Bio-inspired Networking
Anonymous Communication
Dynamic Domain Name Service
Java Database Connectivity
Tsunami Warning System
Intelligent Speed Adaptation
GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System
Global Wireless E-Voting
Green Cloud
Digital Jewelry
Biometric Voting System
3D Television
3D password
Voice Browser
Graphical Password Authentication
4G Broadband
Finger Tracking In Real Time Human Computer Interaction
Eye Movement-Based Human Computer Interaction Techniques
Ethical Hacking
E-Cash Payment System
Brain Fingerprinting
Biometrics in SECURE e-transaction
X- Internet
Surface Computer
Secure ATM by Image Processing
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Extensions to Zone Routing Protocol
System in Package
Smart Memories
Slammer Worm
Sensitive Skin
Pixie Dust
Linux Kernel 2.6
Lamp Technology
Humanoid Robot
Haptic Technology
Elastic Quotas
Diamond chip
Digital Rights Management

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