250+ Chemistry Investigatory Projects Topics For Students

Chemistry is one of the most interesting science subjects. Chemistry is involved in almost everything in our daily life. It is always amazing to learn how chemical reactions make our day. Here we have listed a huge list of chemistry investigatory projects for school students. An investigatory project is basically any science experiment where you start with an issue or problem and conduct research or an investigation to decide what you think the outcome will be. After you've created your hypothesis or proposal, you can conduct a controlled experiment using the scientific method to arrive at a conclusion.
Chemistry Investigatory Projects
These investigatory projects will help you to choose and get an idea for your school chemistry practical curriculum. You can download the PDFs for making your CBSE Chemistry Project report. So go through the chemistry projects topics list and start experimenting!!
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Chemistry Investigatory Projects

Abiotic Synthesis of Silicon-Based Life
Absorbing Ammonia
Acid Ice
Acid vs. Teeth
Acidity In Tea
Activated Charcoal
Adjusting Chlorine Level to Minimize Evaporation Loss
Adulterants in Food
Alternative Methods of Producing Iodized Salt
Aldol Condensation
Alka-Seltzer Rocket Race
Amateur Studies in Polymer Construction
Amorphous Solids
Amount of Casein in Milk
An Ionic Inquiry Yields Saline Solutions
Analysis of Honey
Analysis of the Bioactive Compound in Arctostaphylos in Various Solvents
Analysis Of Vegetables And Fruit Juices
Analysis of Water for Mercury using Light
Analysis of fertilizers
Antibacterial Silver
Apple Dehydration
Are Copper Pipes a Significant Source of Copper in Drinking Water
Better Power
Biodiesel: Fuel for the Future
Blocking Ultraviolet Light
Boiling Point
Borax Acts or Gets the Ax
Burn That Fat
Cake Science
Calcium Oxalate as a Protector of Marble
Calories Really Count
Can Electricity Affect the Hardness of Water?
Can You Trust the product Label?
Catalytic Decomposition
Chemical Analysis of Authentic and Artificial Red Coral
Chemical Investigation of Water Content and Analysis of pH
Chemistry in Black and White Photography
Chocolate Analysis
Commercial Antacids
Comparative study and qualitative analysis of different brands of cold drinks
Comparing Lactose Percentage between Whole Milk and Powdered Milk
Comparing the Differences of Clarity of Fingerprints
Comparing Two Recipes of Biodiesel in Terms of Flashpoint
Comparison of the Citric Acid Concentration
Composite Study of Bio-Diesel
Content of Cold Drinks Available in the Market
Control of Hydrophilicity in Nanoporous Zeolite Film
Controlling Crystal Growth
Cooking Away the Vitamins
Correlation Between Conductivity and Corrosion
Counterfeit Attack
Create Another Alternative Fuel: Making oxyhydrogen gas or creating hydrogen gas via electrolysis or vice versa, creating electricity from hydrogen gas
Density Fun with Cooking
Destruction of Natural Pigments by the Interaction of UV Light and Oxygen
Determination of caffeine in tea samples
Determination of contents of toothpaste
Determination of theta by variable solvent
Determine the quantity of casein in milk
Determining the relationship between a water sample's temperature
Development of a daily-use sunscreen soap
Dialysis of different sewage water samples and identification of different ions in resulting solutions
Digitally-enhanced thin-layer chromatography
Discoveries in the field of chemistry
Discovery of a new natural dye in your own backyard
DNAs Secret Code
Do Oranges Lose or Gain Vitamin C After Being Picked?
Does Acid Make Steel Rust Faster
Does Cooking Methods Affect Vitamin C in Carrots
Does the Amount of Ammonia Affect Forming Salt Crystals
Dyeing of Wool, Silk, and Cotton in Malachite Green
Effect of Acid Rain on Limestone Rock
Effect of Different Types of Woods on the Energy
Effect of Electrolysis on Solar Desalination
Effect of metal coupling on the rate of corrosion
Effect of Potassium Bisulphite as a Food Preservative
Effect of sodium carbonate on foaming capacity of a soap
Effect of Temperature on a Chemical Reaction
Effect of Temperature on the Decay of Ascorbic Acid
Effect of the Electrolyte's pH in Optimizing the Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Effect of Water and Temperature in Varying the Toxicity Level of Different Pollutants
Effects of Dye on Different Types of Fabric
Effects of Heat on Vitamin C in Tomatoes
Effects of Soap, Salt, and Temperature
Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Crystal Growth
Effects of Voltage and Concentration
Electrical Cleavage of Mineral Ore
Electricity and Electrolytes
Electricity You Can Eat
Electrify Your Electrolytes
Electrochemical Cell
Electrographic Metal Detection
Electrolysis Separate More Hydrogen from Salt Water
Electrolyte Turns on the Solar Cell
Elucidation of Molecular Structure and Bonding by Viscosity
Energy Content in a Candy Bar
Enhanced Color Thin-Layer Chromatography
Environmental Pollution
Estimation of the content of bone ash
Evaluation of Drinking Water from Various Sources
Evaporation of Liquids
Examining Freezing Point Depression
Extraction of Essential Oil from Aniseed
Extraction of Nicotine Sulphate from Samples of Cigarettes
Fatty material of different soap samples
Find the variation of conductance with temperature in electrolytes
Finding EMF of Electrochemical Cell
Fingerprinting the Crime Scene Investigation
Fire Burning
Fizzy Relief
Foaming Capacity of Soaps
Formation and Characterization of Floating Self-Assembling Super-hydrophobic Nano-particle Membranes
Freezer Fun
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank
Fruits: Healthy or Not
Fuel for the Future
Fuel Go Boom
Get More Hydrogen from Your Water
Glucose Monitoring in Porous Silicon
Green Chemistry Biodiesel and Bio petrol
Green Nanotechnology
Growing Crystals under Variable Conditions
Hello Chitin Goodbye Ions
Hess' Law and Thermochemistry
How Can Freezing Make Something Warmer
How Does Seawater Affect the Corrosion of Iron?
How Does the Amount of CO (2) Gas Compare to the Amount of CO (2) Solid?
How Fast Do Hydrogen Ions Diffuse through Water?
How to Increase the Speed of a Reaction
How to Power an Engine with Water
How Well Do Vegetable Dyes Work?
Hydrofoam: Changing the Way the World is Powered
Hydrogen Production
Ice Spike Formation in the Presence of a Strong Wind
Increase the Shelf-Life of Fruits and Veggies
Innovative Method to Reduce VAT Dyes Electrolytically by Avoiding Toxic Sodium Hydrosulfite
Investigating the Strength of Paper
Investigatory Project on Fertilizers
Invisible Ink: Modeling A Molecular Switch
Invisible Sunblock
Ionic Equilibria Control by Hydrophilic Micellar
Ionic Equilibria Control by Hydrophilic Micellar Sequestration
It's Crystal-Clear
Lemon Ices
Liquid Metals
Luminescent Silole Nanoparticles for Chromium (VI) Detection
Make Homemade Glue from Milk
Make a Battery Out of Fruits and Vegetables
Making and Testing Soap
Making Biodegradable Plastic
Making Instant Ice
Making Soap Out of Guava
Man-made Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Masses of Gasses
Measurement of Diffusion Coefficient in Liquids
Measuring CO(2) with Kernels of Millet
Measuring Solubility of Saturated Solutions
Measuring Sugar Content with an iPod Touch and 3D Glasses
Measuring the Amount of Acetic Acid In Vinegar
Melodies in the Ice
Microscope Activity
Modeling Zeolites
Modification of Calcium-Phosphate Coatings on Titanium by Recombinant Amelogenin
Mohr's salt
Most Efficient Electrolyte for Hydrogen Production through Electrolysis
Nano-Gold For Cancer Therapy
Nanoparticle Stained Glass
Natural Dyes
Nitrogen: The Gas of the Future
Nutty Calories
Optimal Temperature for the Decomposition
Orange You Glad You Have Vitamin C
Oxidation of Dopamine by High-Valent Manganese A Link to Neurodegenerative Disorders?
Paper Chromatography
Percentage Purity of Iron Wire
Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
pH: It's to DYE for
Photochemistry Ammonium Oxalate and Iodide
Photooxidation of Cobalt-Bound Thiolato Ligands
Pigment Separation in Allium cepa
Popcorn Towers
PPAR Delta Crystallography
Preparation of Cuprammonium Rayon Threads
Preparation of Ink
Preparation of Potash Alum
Preparation of Toilet Soaps
Prepare Pigments And Poster Paints Using Various Chemicals And Reagents
Project on preparation soybean milk and its comparison with the natural milk
Purifying Used Cooking Oil
Quantum Yield Studies of Singlet Oxygen Production
Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids
Rate of Fermentation of Wheat Flour
Recipe for Disaster
Red Cabbage pH paper
Redheads, Blondes, or Brunettes
Removal of Alcohol from the Body through Esterification
Reversible Sunglasses
Sandy Beaches: Pleasure or Pollutant
Slicing Ice
Slow the Ripening of Sliced or Chopped Produce
Solar Water Purification
Solar Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
Stain Resistant Fabric
Sterilization of Water by using Bleaching Powder
Stop Freezing
Stranding and Looping
Study of Constituents of an Alloy
Study of Content of Ascorbic Acid in Citrus Fruits
Study of Diffusion of Solids in Liquids
Study the change in E.M.F. of a Daniel cell
Study the electrolysis of products of Potassium Iodide (KI)
Study the Rate of Diffusion
Study the rates of fermentation of fruit or vegetable juices
Studying Clean
Substituted Carbamate for Imaging Acetylcholinesterase
Surface Chemistry Colloidal Solutions
Surface Tension of Water
Sweet Self-Assembly
Synthesis and Characterization of a Self-Healing Polymer
Synthesis and Decomposition of Aspirin
Synthesis of Bismuth Telluride Nanowires
Synthesis of Gallium Oxide Nanowires
Synthesis of Palladium Nanowires
Synthesis of Quantum Dots for Application in Solar Cell Efficiency
Temperature's Effect on the Collision Rate Factor
Testing Known Antioxidants
That’s Some Smart Metal
The Alka-Seltzer Experiment
The Determination of the Amount of Phosphate in a Detergent
The Effect of an Acidic Environment on Dental Amalgam
The Effect of Curcumin on Metal Ions
The Effect of Pill Type on Disintegration Rate and Process
The Formation of Frosty Diamond Crystals
The Future is Now! Pee-ure Water
The Neutralizing Ability of Antacid Tablets
The Power of Oxygen
The Synthesis of Aspirin
The Visible Spectra of Soda Pops
The Window to a Spider
The Wonders of Water
Thin-Layer Chromatography vs. Spectroscopy
To Analyze a Sample of Brass Qualitatively
To Check the Ions, Present In The Toothpaste
To compare the rate of fermentation of a given sample of wheat flour, gram flour, rice flour, and potato
To Compare the Rate of Evaporation of Water
To Compare the Rate of Fermentation
To Determine Ignition Property of Potassium Nitrate
To Determine which Antacid could Neutralize the most Stomach Acid
To Prepare a Smoke Bomb
To Prepare Pigments and Poster Paints
To Rust or Not to Rust
The setting of Mixture of Cement with Sand, Time and Fly Ash
To Study the Constituents of an Alloy
To Study the Digestion of Starch by Salivary Amylase
To Study the Effect of Metal Coupling on the Rate of Corrosions
To Study the Presence of Insecticides and Pesticides in Various Fruits and Vegetables
To Study the Presence of Oxalate Ion in Guava Fruit
Use of Exothermic Reactions
Using Zeolites as a Fertilizer
Used Cooking Oil as a Substitute for Diesel
Variation of Conductance with Temperature in Electrolytes
Viability of a Simple At-Home Test
Vitamin C Concentrate in Bell Peppers
Vitamin C Content After Storage
Vitamin C in Fruit Juices
Water Concentration and Texture
Wet Heat: Can You Cook with Chemical Reactions
What Factors Affect Vitamin C in Liquids
What Is the Effect of Temperature on the Corrosion of Aluminum?
What Keeps the Baby Dry?
What Type of Fuel Has the Greatest Energy per Unit Mass?
What Voltage Is Needed for Steel to be Protected
Which Grease Is Good for You?
Which Metals Produce the Highest Voltage
Which of the Plant Material Used?
Which Orange Juice Contains the Most Vitamin C
Which Road Deicer Corrodes Steel the Most?
Why Are the Apples Brown?

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