200 Interesting Physics Seminar and Powerpoint Presentation Topics

On this page, we have listed 200+ interesting Physics Seminar Topics and interesting Powerpoint Presentation topics for school and graduate students. You may want to make your own variation of one of the suggested Physics Seminar Topics below. The goal of the Physics Seminar Powerpoint Presentation is to increase the knowledge about fundamental principles and to search for new phenomena. You may choose a topic from one of these interesting topics for the PowerPoint presentation and Seminar Report. The download links are not given on this page. However, you may search your Physics Topic in the search box, and if available then download it with the given link. We will try our best to provide the Download Links to save you time. 
interesting topics for powerpoint presentation physics
Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. Advances in physics often enable advances in new technologies. Physics is the natural science that studies matter and its motion and behavior through space and time and that studies the related entities of energy and force.

    Interesting topics for Powerpoint Presentation in Physics

    Start by browsing through the physics presentation topics below, then go to the linked articles or PPT presentation links given, or continue your search online with the links provided. The topics are given here to provide you the basic ideas so that you can draw inspiration to come up with your own idea.
    1. Special Relativity and General Relativity
    2. Quantum Computing
    3. Time dilation
    4. Physics of Babies
    5. Nikola Tesla Inventions (PPT2)
    6. Greatest Physicists and their contribution
    7. Physics-Chemistry-Biology Relation
    8. Physics in Sports Link 2
    9. Physics in our everyday life
    10. Newtonian and Non-newtonian fluid
    11. Anti-Gravity
    12. Thermodynamics in Everyday Life
    13. Airborne Wind Energy / Flying Windmills
    14. Pumped-storage hydroelectricity
    15. Compressed air energy storage (PDF)
    16. Magnetoresistance
    17. Fusion Power Generation
    18. Fluid Flow Continuity and Bernoulli’s Equation
    19. Archimedes' Principle and Its Applications
    20. Physics of Touch Screens Technology (Article)
    21. Exoplanets / Extra-Solar Planets
    22. Space Telescopes (Hubble /James Webb Space Telescope)
    23. Carbon Nanotubes
    24. The Physics of the Egyptian Pyramids
    25. Nanowires
    26. Magnus effect and its applications
    27. Sustainable energy (PPT 2)
    28. The Physics of Fire (PPT)
    29. The Motion of the Planets
    30. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Our Everyday Life
    31. The String theory: A theory of Everything
    32. Electromagnetism and Its applications in daily life
    33. Electromagnetic Induction
    34. Electromagnetic Spectrum / Electromagnetic Radiation
    35. Transformers
    36. Force sensor
    37. Friction in our everyday life and Its types (PPT 2) (PDF)
    38. Magnetorheological fluid
    39. Magnetic field due to currents in wires (PPT 2)
    40. Magnetic field patterns
    41. Earth's Magnetic Field
    42. Searching for Magnetic Monopoles
    43. Electricity and Magnetism
    44. Maglev Trains: Transrapid magnetic lift trains
    45. Magnetic Levitation
    46. Microwave Oven: How it works? (PDF Report)
    47. Hyperloop
    48. Physics Behind the Climate Change (PDF Report)
    49. Electromagnets and their uses
    50. Fresnel's Equations
    51. Electric Potential
    52. Working of Motors
    53. Working of Generators
    54. Bioelectromagnetism
    55. Kinematics in our daily lives
    56. Real-Life Examples of Newton’s First Law (Inertia)
    57. Zero Energy Buildings
    58. Lightning Bolt Physics
    59. Lightning Protection System (Static Electricity)
    60. Electromagnetic Railguns
    61. LASERS 
    62. Physics behind fidget spinner
    63. Hoverboard (Self-balancing scooter)
    64. Physics of roller coasters
    65. Physics behind musical instruments
    66. Physics Behind Bruce Lee's One-Inch Punch!
    67. Electric Cars
    68. Gauss’ Law
    69. Working with simple electrical components
    70. Current and charge
    71. Ohm's law and resistance
    72. Oscilloscope
    73. String theory
    74. Resistance effects
    75. Electrical conduction through gases
    76. Electrostatic charges
    77. Van de Graaff generator
    78. Tesla coil
    79. Energy conversion
    80. Components of motion
    81. Circular motion
    82. Weightlessness
    83. Forced vibrations and resonance
    84. Momentum in two dimensions
    85. Simple harmonic motion
    86. Fiction and Its types
    87. Friction at the atomic level
    88. Coulomb model
    89. Superfluidity
    90. Transmission Lines
    91. Peso Electricity
    92. Atmospheric Optics
    93. Wireless Electricity
    94. Models of electric circuits
    95. Wind Energy
    96. Solar Power
    97. Geothermal Energy
    98. Wave Energy
    99. Concentrated Solar Energy
    100. Nuclear Power Generation
    101. Physics behind the Aurora Borealis
    102. Plasma Physics
    103. Particle Detectors, Drift Chambers
    104. Exponential decay and half-life
    105. Nuclear Fission
    106. Nuclear Fusion
    107. Biogas Plant
    108. Biomass Energy
    109. First models of the atom
    110. Cloud chambers
    111. Particle Accelerators
    112. Cyclotron
    113. Synchrotron
    114. Betatron
    115. Model of the atom
    116. Light behaving like a particle
    117. Electrons behaving as waves
    118. Evidence for the hollow atom
    119. Nature of ionizing radiations
    120. Radioactive sources: isotopes and availability
    121. Dispersion
    122. Acceleration due to gravity
    123. Radio Waves
    124. Antenna Theory and Design
    125. How do Mobile networks work?
    126. Solar System
    127. Asteroid Belt Formation
    128. Satellite Communication
    129. Mars Rover
    130. Possibility of life on Mars
    131. Mangalyaan (India's Mars Mission)
    132. Chandrayaan-I (India's Lunar Mission)
    133. Rocket Technology
    134. Satellite Launch Vehicles
    135. SpaceX: Falcon Heavy
    136. Reusable Rockets
    137. Space Organisations and their achievements
    138. Global Navigation Satellite System 
    139. Gravitational force and free fall
    140. Radar Technologies
    141. Newtonian fluid
    142. Pinhole camera and lens camera
    143. Diffraction of light
    144. Reflection of light
    145. Refraction of light
    146. Radio Telescope
    147. Wi-Fi
    148. Li-Fi
    149. Lidar
    150. Antenna
    151. Formation of Galaxies
    152. Hubble's Law (Evidence)
    153. Redshift
    154. Gravity waves
    155. Kepler’s laws
    156. The Copernican revolution
    157. Magnetic sail
    158. Planetary motion and gravity
    159. Big Bang (The Origin)
    160. Beyond Solar System
    161. Constellations
    162. Black Hole
    163. Life on Mars
    164. Mars Exploration
    165. Why is Venus So Hot?
    166. Trans-Neptunian region
    167. Space-Time Fabric
    168. Comets
    169. Oort cloud
    170. Journey of Photons
    171. Atmospheric pressure
    172. Einstein's Theory of Relativity
    173. How do airplanes fly?
    174. Aerodynamics
    175. Types of waves
    176. Young's slits
    177. Superconductivity
    178. Diodes
    179. LED | OLED | MicroLED
    180. Thermal radiation from the human body
    181. Thermal expansion of Solid and Liquid
    182. Concept of density
    183. Evidence for atoms
    184. Molecular speed
    185. Higgs boson
    186. Chandrashekar limit
    187. Nuclear Reactors
    188. Large Hadron Collider
    189. Quantum Mechanics (Introduction)
    190. Young's double-slit experiment
    191. Doppler effect in Sound
    192. Doppler effect in Light
    193. Memristor
    194. Integrated Circuits
    195. Microprocessors
    196. Display Technology
    197. 3D Printing
    198. Virtual Reality
    199. Biosensors and Bioelectronics
    200. Ambient intelligence
    201. Storage Devices
    202. Semiconductors
    203. Fiber-optic communication
    204. Three Phase Circuit
    205. Home's electrical system
    206. Types of Gear and working
    207. Electric Bill Calculation
    208. Impulse, Momentum, and Collisions
    209. Dark Energy (Quantum Vacuum Energy) 
    210. Dark Matter
    211. Turbulence
    212. Antibubble
    213. Acoustic Levitator
    214. Electrometer
    215. Hydroelectricity
    216. Optical instruments

    Interesting Questions for Physics Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

    • Why do things move?
    • Does everything that goes up come down?
    • Why does a bicycle stay upright when it's moving but fall when it stops?
    • Why do we wear seatbelts?
    • Why doesn’t the moon fall into the earth?
    • Why is it tough to walk on ice?
    • Why does ice melt?
    • Why doesn’t the moon fall?
    • What is sound?
    • What is light?
    • What is lightning?
    • What makes rainbows?
    • How can a boat make of steel float?
    • Why can’t we see air, how do we know that it's there?
    • Why are some turns on roads banked?  
    • What keeps me from falling on the Silly  Silo at Adventureland?
    • Why do my socks sometimes stick together in the clothes dryer?
    • Why do I get a shock after I walk across the carpet room and touch something in winter? 
    • What’s the deal with magnets? Why do they stick on refrigerators?
    • By the way, how do refrigerators and air conditioners work?
    • Why can’t I cool my room by keeping the refrigerator door opened?
    • Why is it a bad idea to plug my TV,  stereo, computer, radio, and hairdryer into the same outlet?
    • Where does electricity come from?
    • Why doesn’t the electricity leak out of the outlet?
    • What do airplanes and curveballs have in common?
    • Why do my ears pop when I’m on a  plane?
    • Why can I see all of myself in a mirror that is half as tall as I am?
    • what is the Greenhouse effect?
    • what’s the deal with the ozone layer?
    • Is climate change real? Are we causing it? 
    • How do(es) x-rays, microwaves, ultrasound, MRIs, LASERS, and cable TV work.?
    • By the way, how does TV work?
    • Why does the water in my tub spin in a circle as it goes down the drain? Why does it always spin in the same direction? 
    • How does soap work?
    • Why is the sky blue during the day but red at sunset?
    • Are nuclear power plants safe?
    • How do they take my temperature by sticking that gadget into my ear?
    • Why does the cue ball stop dead when it hits another ball head-on?
    • What is a day, month, or year?
    • Why does a year on Jupiter last 12 years?
    • Are hydrogen fuel cells or hybrid cars the answer to the energy crisis?
    • What does it take to make an atomic bomb?

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