113 Organic Chemistry Presentation Topics | Seminar Topics

Organic Chemistry Seminar Presentation Topics
Organic chemistry is the study of carbon and its compounds. It is a vast branch of Chemistry. The page contains a list of useful Organic Chemistry Seminar Presentation Topics, Organic Chemistry Research Topic Ideas, and Advanced Topics for College Graduates.

Organic Chemistry Research Topic Ideas

  1. Addition Polymers (Plastics)
  2. Buckminsterfullerene and Carbon Nano-tubes
  3. Fractional Distillation
  4. Halocarbon Anesthetics
  5. Lycopene and Other Hydrocarbon Antioxidants
Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers:
  1. Alcohol Poising and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  2. Animal uses of Thiol Alcohols for Defense
  3. Chemistry of Vitamin-E
  4. Ether Anesthetics
  5. Phenolic Antiseptics and Disinfectants
Aldehydes and Ketones:
  1. Aldehydes and Ketones as Flavoring Agents
  2. Alpha-hydroxy acids in cosmetics
  3. Biodiesels (esters of fats)
Carboxylic Acids and Esters:
  1. Chemistry of Aspirin, Acetaminophen, and Ibuprofen
  2. Chemistry of Vision
  3. Chemistry of Vitamin-A
  4. Chemistry of Vitamin-C
  5. Condensation Polymers (Fiber Polymers)
  6. Ester Local Anesthetics (Epidurals)
  7. Muscle Fatigue (Lactic Acid)
  8. Nitroglycerin in Medications
  9. Progesterone, Norethynodrel and Birth control
  10. Retin-A and other Topical Acne Treatments
  11. Vanilloids and Pain Relief
Amines and Amides:
  1. Alkaloid Chemistry of Opiates
  2. Amide Local Anesthetics (Topical Anesthetics)
  3. Amides in Medicine: Amytal, Valium, and Polycillin
  4. Amphetamines
  5. Antidepressants
  6. Antihistamines
  7. Chemistry of Nicotine and Caffeine Addiction
  8. Chemistry of Vitamin-B6
  9. Epinephrine (Adrenaline)
  10. Neurotransmitters
  11. Polyamide Chemistry
  12. Resin Polymers (Construction Polymers)
  13. Sulfonamide Antibiotics
  1. Chemistry of Artificial Sweeteners
  2. Chemistry of Smell
  3. Chemistry of Taste
  4. Chemistry of Tooth Development and Wear
  5. Gas Chromatography of Organic Compounds
  6. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Organic Compounds
  7. Inferred Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds
  8. Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Organic Compounds
  9. Mass Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds
  10. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Organic Compounds
  11. Synovial and Bursa Fluids (Organic Lubricants)
  12. Tamoxifen and Taxol (Cancer-Fighting Drugs)

Organic Chemistry Seminar Topics for Presentation

Advances in ion chromatography
Biorenewable Polymers
Boron Chemistry and Applications to Cancer Treatment
Boron-Pnictogen Multiple Bonds: Organometallic Alkenes and Alkynes
Charge Transport Across the Metal-Molecule Interface
Chemical Sensor Technologies for Chemical Analysis and Materials Characterization
Electrochemical fluorination
Emulsion – Suspension Technology
Extraterrestrial molecules
Hybrid organic/inorganic nanocomposites
Hydrogen production from coal gasification
Lanthanide porphyrin complexes with sandwich structures
Mesoporous materials: Synthesis, structure, and properties
Molecular Design of In-Situ Phosphatizing Coatings for Aerospace Primers
Molecule-based magnetic materials and high-spin molecules
Nanograin Magnetoresistive Manganite Coatings
New advances in crystal engineering
New advances in supramolecular chemistry
The new biomaterial for scar healing
New Chemistry of Superelectrophiles
Nitric oxide as a neurotransmitter:
Novel surface analytical techniques
Photoreduction of Metal Ions
Photoresist chemistry for X-ray lithography
Polymorphism in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Prevention of iron corrosion by amine-quinone polymers
Seaweed extracts to improve battery performance
Stereochemical nonrigidity in organometallic chemistry
Structural characterization of carbon nanomaterials
Surfactant, Colloids, and Interfaces
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) on porous Si
Thin film modeling of catalysts
Use of the Hadamard transform in chemistry
Violating the Octet Rule: the Chemistry of Hypervalent Bonds
Water-Based Polymers
Water from hydrofracking

Organic Chemistry Seminar Presentation Topics

Addition reactions, Markovnikov’s Rule, and its applications
Alkylation reactions, Friedel-Crafts reaction
Aromaticity, Hückel’s Rule
Cahn–Ingold–Prelog priority rules, terms SN1, SN2, E1, and E2
Chemical structure, benzene
Chirality, tartaric acid enantiomers
Diels- Alder reaction
Elimination reactions, Zaitsev’s Rule
Fischer projection, Fischer esterification
Friedrich Wöhler: “Father of Organic Chemistry,” synthesis of urea
Grignard reagents, Grignard reaction
Hammond Postulate, organic photochemistry
Lewis dot structures and discovery of covalent bond
Mass Spectroscopy
Natural product synthesis
Newman projections
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Organic oxidation reactions, Jones oxidation
Organoborane compounds/ reactions
Organolithium compounds and the Schlenk flask
Organolithium reagents and polymer synthesis (Ziggler-Natta process)
Sigmatropic rearrangement, Cope rearrangement
Strecker synthesis
Synthesis of indigo blue dye, discoverer of 1st barbiturate
Synthesis, retrosynthetic analysis
Ylides, Wittig olefination reaction