Latest Topics for Seminar in Electrical Engineering | 2018

Latest Seminar topics for Electrical Engineering 2018 (Downloads)

Followings are some of the emerging technologies in the field of Electrical Engineering EEE in 2018. Engineering and technical students from Electrical Engineering EEE Branch can select and download the relevant reports with PPTs. The PPTs and seminar reports are one of the most popular for the particular topics on SlideShare.
new Seminar topics for electrical engineering EEE 2018
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Seminar topics for Electrical Engineering

Solar thermal power generation

Real-Time Transformer Health Monitoring System

Electric Traction System

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Projects

Lithium-Air Battery (Li-Air)

Performance of 400 kV line Insulators under pollution

Detection of illegal electricity usage via power line communication

Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP)

Paper Battery

Intelligent Management of Electrical Systems in Industries

Nuclear Battery

Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite

Magneto Optic Current Transducer( MOCT) 

Increasing Electrical Damping in Energy Harnessing Transducers 

Power Quality Issues

Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL) 

Optical Current Transformer (OCT) 

Geothermal Power Plant 

Wave Power 


Smart Grid

Power Generation Using Speed Breakers Seminar Report PDF | 2018

Harmonic Reduction In Power System

Buck Boost Transformer PDF

Artificial Intelligence in Power Station

Latest Presentation topics for Electrical Engineering of 2018

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Generation IV reactor

Home fuel cell

Grid energy storage

Magnesium battery

Nanowire battery

Ocean thermal energy conversion

Zero-energy building

Wireless energy transfer

Improved Reactive Power Capability of Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator

Synchronization or Paralleling of Generators

Analysis of Solar Thermal Power Generation

Modern Speed Control Technologies of AC Motors

Robotic Motors or Special Motors

Transformers: Basics and Types

Soft Starting of Motors with an Improved Power Factor

Applications of Fuel Cells

Energy Efficient Motors

Improved Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor with Dither Injection

Electrical AC and DC Drives

Modern Trends in Machine Design Technology

Variable Frequency Transformer Model Analysis by MATLAB

Home Automation System

SCADA and Power System Automation

Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Control

Distributed Control System for Industrial Automation

Process Dynamics, Control and Automation using LABVIEW

Irrigation Control System

PID Controllers for Industrial Process Control

Industrial Networking Using Various Field Buses

Closed Loop Control of Converter Fed Motor

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) vs. DCS

Real-Time Simulation of Power System

Wireless Power Transmission via Solar Power Satellite

Substation Automation Communication Protocol

Power Quality Issues with Grid Connected Wind Energy Systems

Power Factor Improvement Methods

Need for Reactive Power Compensation

Automated Energy Meter Reading for Billing Purpose

Voltage and Power Stability of HVDC Systems

Power System Operation and Control

Performance of 400KV Line Insulators Under Pollution

LED Lighting for Energy Efficiency

Wireless Power Transfer through Coils

Smart Grid – Future Electric Grid

Load Scheduling and Load Shedding

FACT Devices in Power System Network

Power System Protection Equipments

Solar Photovoltaic: Basic & Applications

Nuclear Power Plants

Renewable Energy and Environment Protection

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Power Electronic Devices and Applications

Introduction to EDA tools for PCB Design

Current-fed DC/DC Topology Based Inverter

Boost-derived Hybrid Converter with Simultaneous DC and AC Outputs

Electric Traction Systems

GPS Interface in GSM Networks

Introduction to Wireless Communications

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