Stratellite Seminar Report and PPT

Stratellite Seminar Report and PPT
Wireless communication is simply data communication without the use of landlines. This may involve cellular telephone, two-way radio, fixed wireless (broadband wireless), laser (free space optics) or satellite communications.  Mobile wireless technologies are going to act as glue towards bringing together the wired and wireless to share and distribute information seamlessly across each other’s areas of reference.

Stratellite Seminar Report 

The seminar report first introduces wireless communications and then switches to the fourth generation in wireless communications. The seminar report then discusses High Altitude Airships, the “stratellites” which are actually unmanned Kelvar balloons filled with helium which are used instead of towers for wireless communication, each of which replaces hundreds of towers and reduce the cost of wireless communications. They also overcome the disadvantage of simple towers which could not provide proper coverage in the hilly areas.
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