ASIMO humanoid robot

asimo robot
ASIMO humanoid robot was created by Honda engineers, and it is considered as the “Most Advanced Humanoid Robot in the World.” This robot can perform several tasks such as walking, talking, running, dancing, and so on, just like a human being. It is built up with lightweight objects, 34 DOF (degree of freedom), 34 servo motors, and advanced computers.

DOF (Degrees of Freedom):
As stated before, Honda’s ASIMO humanoid robot works like a human being with the incorporation of 34 degrees of freedom. This DOF are explained briefly below:

  • It implements 3 DOF in the head region to rotate the neck in left, right, up, and down direction.
  • It has 2 DOF in each hand for picking up the objects.
  • There are 14 DOF in the wrist to perform left, right, up, down, and rotation tasks.
  • The elbow has 1 DOF for forwarding and backward movement.
  • It adds 3 DOF to make the shoulder move in forward, backward, up, down, and rotate.
  • On the hip, there is only one DOF for rotation purpose.
  • It also includes 12 DOF in the ankle, 3 DOF in the crotch, and 1 DOF in the knee.
ASIMO humanoid robot measures 130 centimeters of height, and it weighs exactly 54 kilograms. It has got five fingers on both hands. Each hand is capable of carrying a weight of about 0.5 kilograms. It can walk at a speed of 2.70 kilometer/hour, and can run at 6.0 kilometer/hour.The newest version can also jump, balance on one foot and sign in both American and Japanese sign language.
ASIMO Features

It gains two sensors in the torso such as Acceleration and Gyroscope sensors, and one sensor in the foot called Six – Axis Foot Area sensor.

This humanoid robot can be operated with the help of the Portable Controller and as well as in Workstation. It contains two control units: one is Wireless Transmission Unit, and other is Operating Control Unit. It also adds harmonic speed reducer, drive unit, and servomotor actuators.

Battery Life:
ASIMO humanoid robot is powered by rechargeable 51.8 volts Li-Ion battery and can deliver up to one hour of operating time.

  • It can remember up to ten different faces, and the recorded members will be called by their own names.
  • It can provide daily news to the user by collecting information from the internet.
  • It can walk on the stairs without making any damage to it and the humans going nearby.
  • It can identify the distance, human movements, and more with the help of its visual sensor (camera).
  • It is capable of understanding the movements performed by the human beings. For example, if a person points his hands toward the left direction to move, it responds quickly.
  • It can answer the question asked by a person. Moreover, it can differentiate the sounds such as falling of materials, human voices, etc.
President Barack Obama met a soccer-playing humanoid robot during his trip to Tokyo. While visiting the National Museum of Emerging Science, the president was introduced to ASIMO, which demonstrated its skills with a brief demonstration, including running and kicking a soccer ball to Obama.