Spintronics Technology Seminar Report PPT

Spintronics is an emergent technology that exploits the quantum propensity of the electrons to spin as well as making use of their charge state. The spin itself is manifested as a detectable weak magnetic energy state characterized as spin up or spin down.
spintronics technology seminar report

Spin Electronics Devices PPT Seminar Report

Conventional electronic devices rely on the transport of electrical charge carriers – electrons – in a semiconductor such as silicon. Now, however, device engineers and physicists have inevitably faced the looming presence of quantum mechanics and are trying to exploit the spin of the electron rather than its charge.
Devices that rely on the electron‘s spin to perform their functions form the foundations of spintronics (short for spin-based electronics), also known as magnetoelectronics. Spintronics devices are smaller than 100 nanometers in size, more versatile, and more robust than those making up silicon chips and circuit elements. The potential to exploit the wavelike nature of electrons is no longer negligible spintronic devices offer the possibility of enhanced functionality higher speed and reduced power consumption.
Spintronics burst on the scene in 1988 when French and German physicists discovered a very powerful effect called Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR). It results from subtle electron-spin effects in ultrathin multilayers of magnetic materials, which cause huge changes in their electrical resistance when a magnetic field is applied. This resulted in the first spintronic device in the form of the spin valve. The incorporation of GMR materials into reading heads allowed the storage capacity of a hard disk to increase from one to 20 gigabits. In 1997, IBM launched GMR read heads, into a market worth around a billion dollars a year.
The field of spintronics is relatively young and it is difficult to predict how it will evolve. New physics is still being discovered and new materials are being developed, such as magnetic semiconductors and exotic oxides that manifest an even more extreme effect called Colossal Magnetoresistance.