3D Integrated Circuits Seminar Report with PPT

This seminar report explains the concept of a Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit or 3D IC. This is one of the emerging technologies that could revolutionize electronic circuit design in the future. It could be used in 3D integration for energy-efficient system design. The unprecedented growth of the computer and the Information technology industry is demanding Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits with increasing functionality and performance at minimum cost and power dissipation. VLSI circuits are being aggressively scaled to meet this demand, which in turn has some serious problems for the semiconductor industry.
3D Integrated Circuit seminar Report
Additionally heterogeneous integration of different technologies in one single chip (SoC) is becoming increasingly desirable, for which planar (2-D) ICs may not be suitable. 3D ICs are an attractive chip architecture that can alleviate interconnect related problems such as delay and power dissipation and can also facilitate the integration of heterogeneous technologies in one chip (SoC).  The multi-layer chip industry opens up a whole new world of design. With the Introduction of 3-D ICs, the world of chips may never look the same again. 3D IC is just one of a host of 3D integration schemes that exploit the z-direction to achieve electrical performance benefits. The main contents of the seminar report are as follows.

Contents of Seminar Report

1.  Introduction                                     
2.  The motivation for 3D Integrated Circuit                  
3.  The scope of this study
4.  Area and performance estimation of 3D ICs
5.  Challenges for 3D Integration 
6.  Overview of 3D IC technology 
7.  Present scenario of the 3D IC industry               
8.  Advantages of 3D memory
9.  Applications of 3D Integrated Circuits
10.  Future of 3D IC industry
11.  Conclusion
12.  Reference

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