How to Explore the Moon and Mars in Google Maps

Google has just put some really neat 3D images, which you can explore, of the Moon and Mars in their Maps software.  This coincides with the 2nd anniversary of the NASA Curiosity rover touching down on Martian soil.
In real life it would be quite some feat to be able to navigate to the Moon and the red planet and take a look around.  But doing so in Google Maps is pretty easy, as long as you know whereabouts to click.


Now look down in the bottom left and you should see an icon, which lets you put the map in “Google Earth” mode. Enable that mode.

Wait for the map to load in 3D and then begin zooming out. In fact you need to zoom out as far as you can possible do.
Once you have zoomed all the way out, wait a second and you should see options for “Moon” and “Mars” that should appear at the bottom of your screen.
Now we can view not just our planet, but the Moon and Mars too.
If you want to check out some cool things on Google Maps just navigate to Google Maps and check out whatever you like.

Sources: Google Earth