Disable WhatsApp blue ticks

Recently Whatsapp had added the “Read Receipts” feature in the form of two blue ticks, letting users know if their message or picture had been seen by their chatting partner.Previously, a single tick would mean that the message is sent and a double tick meant that the message has been received on the phone. But, there wasn't any confirmation whether the message had been seen by the recipient and when. Now there is no escaping as the sender will know if the partner saw the message and when.
While blue ticks could be great for some but also stirred up quite the panic among other users. This could take an adverse effect on WhatsApp users and force them to migrate to other chat applications.

So,how to get rid of these whatsapp blue ticks ??

All you have to do is go the Whatsapp site to download the updated version 2.11.44 (only available on WhatsApp’s site for now) which has a new option under privacy settings.