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Download the latest ppt on Agile Manufacturing which includes various case studies and key elements of agile manufacturing. In pdf notes, it describes the characteristics and example of agile manufacturing. Learn about the agile manufacturing vs lean manufacturing.
Agile manufacturing is an approach to manufacturing which is focused on meeting the needs of customers while maintaining high standards of quality and controlling the overall costs involved in the production of a particular product. This approach is geared towards companies working in a highly competitive environment, where small variations in performance and product delivery can make a huge difference in the long term to a company's survival and reputation among consumers.
agile manufacturing ppt download

The need for Agile manufacturing in a company

  1. Customer-integrated process for designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting all products and services.
  2. Decision making at functional knowledge points not in centralized management “silos”
  3. Stable unit costs, no matter what the volume
  4. Flexible Manufacturing-ability to increase or decrease production volumes at will.
  5. Easy access to integrated data  whether it is customer-driven, supplier-driven, or product and process-driven
  6. Modular production facilities can be organized into ever-changing manufacturing nodes.
  7. Data that is rapidly changed into information that is used to expand knowledge.
  8. Mass customized product versus mass-produced product. 

Agile Manufacturing enterprises will be capable of rapidly responding to changes in customer demand.  They will be able to take advantage of the windows of opportunities that appear in the marketplace.  With Agile Manufacturing, we will be able to develop new ways of interacting with our customers and suppliers.  Our customers will not only be able to gain access to our products and services but will also be able to easily assess and exploit our competencies, enabling them to use these competencies to achieve the things that they are seeking.