Contrast Between WiFi and LiFi

wifi vs lifi
Have you ever thought of a world where LED bulbs communicate data? Well, this could be a reality in the near future. LiFi, a fresh, new wireless visible light communication technology, employs LED bulbs for data sharing. This networking wonder, invented by Harold Haas, can transfer data up to 100 times faster than that of WiFi implementations. Compared to WiFi, that uses radio frequency waves, LiFi does not exhibit any electromagnetic interference.
LiFi can be used in denser medium like sea water. It can be accessed in places where WiFi is normally un-operational like airplanes, submarines and hospitals. As light cannot penetrate walls, LiFi can be used by intelligence agencies as it offers deeply secure connectivity. Hence, highly confidential data can be easily transferred without the fear of hacking. LiFi will outrun WiFi systems in the coming years. The following infographic from outlines the distinction between WiFi and LiFi.
Contrast Between WiFi and LiFi #Infographic
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