Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) PPT and Seminar Report

Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) PPT and Seminar Report

Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE) Seminar Report Abstract

The demand for power has been increased nowadays in many folds and the need for a better, reliable, and cleaner source of energy has become essential. Ultimately our aim is to fulfill the requirements of power demand. By research, it is found that atmospheric vortex engine (AVE), the twin of the solar chimney, seems to be a promising source and has many advantages over the latter. Through this research, it is possible generating power from the residual heat source from the industries/thermal power plants. The atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) model is designed using computerized modeling and analyzed it using computational fluid dynamics. By varying the parameters, that influence the performance of atmospheric vortex engine (AVE), it is studied to obtain an optimum design and operating conditions. Also, the atmospheric vortex engine (AVE) scaled model is fabricated and passed the flow to study the vortex practically. It is found that it has enough strength to rotate a small turbine placed inside it. Also, the smoke has been passed and small particles to visualize the flow. 

Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE): Introduction

An atmospheric vortex engine (AVE) is a device for producing mechanical energy by means of a controlled tornado-like vortex. The Vortex is produced by admitting warm or humid air tangentially into a circular arena. Tangential entries cause the warm moist air to spin as it rises to form an anchored convective vortex. The work of convection is captured with turbines located at ground level around the periphery of the arena. The heat source can be solar energy, warm water or waste heat. The process could become a major source of clean energy and could provide other benefits such as precipitation and cooling. 
Here we have uploaded an atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) PPT based on the references from All the images used in the atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) ppt are taken from the website and for educational purposes only. Atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) PPT covers the brief idea about the atmospheric vortex engine(AVE). For detailed information kindly visit the website. Here we have also provided some documents which will help you to make an atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) seminar report. You can use these documents for your seminar report for the atmospheric vortex engine(AVE). The contents of the atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) PPT and atmospheric vortex engine(AVE) seminar report may be subjected to copyright to the publishers.

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