Axial-Field Electrical Machines PPT-Seminar Report

Here we have uploaded the Axial-Field Electrical Machines Seminar Report.We have discussed the configuration,Advantages and the various application of Axial-Field Electrical Machines in the seminar report. If you want to download the Axial-Field Electrical Machines Seminar Report kindly find the link at the bottom of the article.We have also uploaded the Axial-Field Electrical Machines PPT with various diagram.You can download Axial-Field Electrical Machines PPT by clicking the link below.
Axial-Field Electrical Machines were soon replaced by radial-field machines (Chan). These radial-field machines have been and are still used to a large extent. One example of a popular axial-field machine is the printed circuit servomotor. As mentioned above, one drawback of the axial-field design is the strong magnetic force between its stator and rotor. This problem may be alleviated by using a sandwich configuration with a stator placed between two rotors or a rotor sandwiched between two stators.
Axial-Field Electrical Machines PPT-Seminar Report

A study of axial-field machines reveals that high electrical power to weight ratios have been achieved as shown by the works. There is reason to believe that axial-field machines will be used in the future in a large number of applications where their special features offer distinct advantages. Some potential applications of the axial-field machines include car heater blower, radiator cooling fan, auxiliary power unit, wind-power generator, electric vehicle, high-speed generator driven by a gas turbine, adjustable-speed pump drive, lawnmower motor, and others.
Axial-field machines offer an alternative to conventional radial-field machines. Their main advantages over the conventional machines are:
• They can be designed (using permanent magnets) to possess a higher power-to-weight ratio.
• They have a larger diameter-to-length ratio.
• They have a planar and adjustable air gap.
• Their magnetic circuit topology can be easily varied so that many different types of axial field machines may be designed.
Axial-field electromagnetic differential induction motors are a promising solution for electric cars because they can behave in the same way as an electro-magnetic differential supplied by a single set of inverters. The machines can have both higher efficiency and power density compared with two individual motors. Disc-type electrical machines with permanent-magnet excitation appear to be the best design in terms of compactness, suitability in shape, robustness, and superior electrical characteristics. Because the axial-field machines can be designed to possess high power to weight ratio, they are more suitable for use in aircraft. Their relatively flat shape makes them also suitable for ceiling-fan motors, radiator cooling fans, etc…The possibility of using an ironless rotor in the axial-field machine makes it appropriate for applications with fast response and low inertia. Moreover, the prospect of separating the stator and the rotor makes the axial-field machine design suitable for sealed and screened machines, such as domestic pump motors and wheel-directly-coupled motors for electric vehicles. Finally, reductions in the cost of high-field permanent magnets are expected to open up several applications for axial-field machines.