Detection of illegal electricity usage via power line communication

Detection of illegal electricity usage via power line communication Seminar Report

If an Automatic Meter Reading system via Power line Communication is set in a power delivery system, a detection system for illegal electricity usage is possible. Power line communications (PLC) has many new service possibilities on the data transferring via power lines without the use of extra cables. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a very important application in these possibilities due to every user connected to each other via modems, using power lines. AMR is a technique to facilitate remote readings of energy consumption. 
Power line communication (PLC) is of great interest concerning home automation. Generally, home and buildings automation is realized through systems that need a special transmission medium such as a pair of twisted wire, coaxial cables or optical fibers. Recent technological developments led to power line medium equipment which sends and receives information with some reliability. The main advantage of a PLC system is that the physical medium is already installed, making it an attractive alternative in all buildings without prerouted data infrastructure, like historical buildings. The development of a power line communication system requires detailed knowledge of the channel properties, such as transfer function, interference scenario and channel capacity in order to choose suitable transmission methods. This paper deals with the typical channel properties like access impedance, noise scenario and modeling approach for the designing of the PLC system. Eventually, an evaluation of different modulation schemes is carried to optimize PLC system design. 
The following sections will describe the proposed detection and control system for illegal electricity usage using the power lines. The scheme is based on the research work taking place at “Central Power Research Unit (CPRI), Bangalore ”.In this section, the discussion is on how a subscriber can illegally use the electricity and the basic building blocks for the detection using power line communication. 

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