Fog Screen Seminar Report


Fog Screen is a breakthrough technology that allows the projection of high-quality images in the air. It is currently the only walk-through projection screen. You can literally use the air as your user interface by touching only the air with your bare hands. The screen is created by using a suspended fog generating device with no frame around and works with video projectors. The fog they use is dry, so it doesn’t make you wet even if you stay under the Fog Screen device for a long time.  The fog is made of ordinary water with no chemicals whatsoever. With two projectors, you can project different images on both sides of the screen. It is a display device that is the application of computer graphics.
Fog Screen is the world’s first immaterial walk-through projection screen. Its Qualities, in particular, the walk-through capability, set Fog Screen apart from other displays and thus created a seemingly successful market for its products. The Fog Screen is an innovative display technology that allows for projections on a thin layer of dry fog. Imagine the traditional pull-down screen that is found in many classrooms today. Instead of a screen being pulled down from the ceiling, fog is pushed down and held in place by several small fans, allowing for a consistent surface for display.

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