UPI Payment Feature now Available on WhatsApp

whatsapp payments feature UPI

UPI Feature now Available on WhatsApp

Now you can send and receive money via Whatsapp. Millions of Whatsapp users in India can now use UPI features on WhatsApp. According to reports, WhatsApp has begun testing its payment service in India. The payment feature is available to a select number of users at present and could go live as early as this month. The feature will be available for both Android and iOS users with the latest update.The introduction of WhatsApp Payments Service has started from India which means that the Facebook-owned Whatsapp is looking to counter the existing apps like Google Tez, Paytm, PhonePe and other digital wallet apps. The exercise is being undertaken in partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). To get the payment feature, it is very similar to WhatsApp’s voice calling feature, which was started approximately three years ago. So, if one of your friends in contact list who already has received the UPI update on their latest WhatsApp, you can ask them to invite you to use the UPI payment feature.

How to activate UPI on WhatsApp?

As of now, The WhatsApp Payments will be limited to peer-to-peer payment and does not offer merchant payments.Before getting started with WhatsApp Payments, users will have to note few things like: 
  • As of now, WhatsApp Payments is working on an invite basis which means those who have received the Payments feature can activate for others by choosing the option from chat.
  • Both sender and receiver should be running the latest WhatsApp version as well as have WhatsApp Payments option enabled. 
  • UPI works by checking the mobile number with which your bank account is linked. So make sure the mobile phone has the SIM for the same mobile number. 

To Activate

  1. WhatsApp users who have already received the feature can head to Settings > Payments. 
  2. Then, to add a bank account. Tap on add new Bank account. 
  3. WhatsApp will then ask you accept its terms and conditions. 
  4. Once you have accepted, you will be asked to verify your number "Verify via SMS".
  5. After the mobile number has been verified, a vast list of over 70 supported banks will appear.
  6. If you already have UPI option enabled with your bank then you will need to verify with SMS.
  7. Choose the bank with which you have an account and where UPI is activated. The Bank account details should appear with the last four digits of the account being reflected. Choose the bank account which you wish to add to UPI on WhatsApp.
  8. The users will then need to enter the last six digits of their debit card number along with the expiry details to create a Virtual Payee Address (VPA).

To send money

  1. Go to a chat with any person, even in a group chat. 
  2. Tap on the + symbol for attachments and you will see Payments. 
  3. If the other person has Payments enabled, the feature will work. 
  4. In a group chat users can choose an individual member of the group to whom they wish to send the money. 
  5. If the other user does not have WhatsApp Payments, the app will alert you of the same.The other user will need to activate Payments as well.