Bluetooth 5 Seminar Report | PDF| DOC| PPT

Download the seminar report on the latest version of Bluetooth. Learn more about Bluetooth 5 specs, speed, range, products, and security concerns. This would be a good topic for the final year Electronic Engineering students for seminars and PPTs. On 16 June 2016, The Bluetooth Special Interest Group officially presented Bluetooth 5 during a media event in London. The main focus was usability with the Internet of Things devices.
bluetooth 5 seminar report pdf ppt
The seminar report describes the major areas of Improvements in Bluetooth 5 and about the latest features. The report also compares Bluetooth 5 vs Bluetooth 4.2 and mentions the difference between Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 versions. It mentions the basic features of Bluetooth 5 which has made it popular for IoT(Internet of Things) which could transform the technology.