Energy Saving Frictionless Compressor | Seminar Report | PDF

Study the seminar report and research paper to understand this emerging technology in mechanical engineering. This seminar report introduces the Frictionless Compressor Technology, magnetic bearings and oil-free operations and its mechanical and electrical components, also how they are reliable and energy-efficient. Download the papers in editable DOC and PDF format. 

frictionless compressor magnetic oil free seminar pdf

Energy Saving: Frictionless Compressor | Seminar Report | DOC | PDF

Frictionless compressors make new revolutions in air-conditioning, refrigeration. The design of these compressors is clearly innovative, elegant, and efficient, and all indications are that it is a quality product. Here we discussed how frictionless compressor technology is proven more energy-efficient and reliable in comparison to traditional centrifugal compressors. Originally, it was designed and optimized to take full advantage of magnetic-bearing technology where a digitally controlled magnetic bearing system, consisting of both permanent magnets and electromagnets, replaces conventional lubricated bearings. Magnetic-bearing centrifugal chillers use a permanent magnet synchronous compressor motor.  Such a motor has a significant efficiency increase over an induction motor, especially at low motor speeds, as shown in the figure above.  Instead of physical bearings, magnetic levitation makes for a virtual frictionless operation. The motor also does not require oil lubrication; oil in the chiller evaporator creates a decrease in efficiency over time as the tubes foul, lessening heat transfer. 
They are different because of magnetic bearings, Oil-free design, virtual frequency drive VFD control, smaller and lighter than conventional compressors, and lesser noise. This compressor has high efficiency, reliability, less maintenance cost & staff. With the help of the digital control system, controlling & monitoring the work is very easy.