Green Concrete Seminar Report

Get the latest report for the civil engineering seminar on Green Concrete in pdf, ppt, and DOC format. The technology could be revolutionary as the material and composition are environment-friendly. In this seminar report, we have discussed how green concrete is made, What is the history of green concrete? Advantages and disadvantages and the difference between normal. Production of green concrete is cheaper, as the industrial waste products are used as a partial substitute for cement, charges for the disposal of waste are avoided.

green concrete seminar report pdf ppt
Secondly, the energy consumption in production is much lower, and durability is greater than conventional concrete. Basically, Green concrete is a type of concrete that resembles conventional concrete but the production or usage of such concrete requires a minimum amount of energy and causes the least harm to the environment. There is a huge potential environmental benefit to society of being able to build with green concrete. It is realistic to assume that technology can be developed, which can halve the CO2 emission related to concrete production. The large consumption of concrete globally, this will potentially reduce the world‘s total Carbon Dioxide emission by 1.5-2%. It may be possible to use residual products from other industries in concrete production while still maintaining high concrete quality. Green concrete might solve some of society's problems with the use of inorganic, residual products that should otherwise be deposited. A detailed life cycle analysis of green concrete by considering various parameters is very much necessary to understand the resultant concrete properties To learn in detail download the seminar report for study and get a better idea.