Intelligent Reverse Braking System Project Report | PDF

This latest project is on an electronically controlled automotive braking system called “Intelligent Reverse Braking System”. The discussed system in this project is crucial for four-wheeler vehicle safety and accident prevention. Get the seminar reports in PDF, DOC, and PPT explaining the working, layout design, circuit diagrams, applications, and future scope. Nowadays almost all the manufacturing process is being atomized in order to deliver the products at a faster rate.  As Intelligent Reverse Braking is a sensor-operated pneumatic brake, it has both mechanical as well as an electronic component. So it can be referred to as an electromechanical system. 

A Sensor Operated Pneumatic Brake consists of an IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, Control Unit, Pneumatic breaking system. The IR sensor is used to detect the obstacle. There is an obstacle in the path, the IR sensor senses the obstacle and gives the control signal to the braking system. The pneumatic braking system is used to break the system. So basically here the car brakes on its own by determining the distance from the object. In our project, we have to apply this breaking arrangement in one wheel as a model. The compressed air is drawn from the compressor in our project. The compressed air flow through the Polyurethane tube to the flow control valve. The flow control valve is connected to the solenoid valve.

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