6 Best Seminar Reports on Plastic (Organic) Solar Cell Projects | PDF

For this seminar topic, we provided the most relevant documents that would help you to understand the concept of Plastic Solar Cell also known as Organic Solar Cell. Here, the photovoltaic effect takes place by using conductive organic polymers for absorption of light and charge transport to generate electricity from sunlight. There are many challenges in the current silicon-based solar cell among which the cost and efficiency are a major factor. The small organic molecules are solution-processable at high throughput and are cheap, resulting in low production costs to fabricate a large volume. This is the reason over the last few decades the study of organics compatible with the plastic substrate for a solar cell has become a popular topic in solar cell research. Although there are many inefficiency and stability problem in the plastic solar cell, still due to eco-friendly, low cost and flexibility it might play a major roll in progress of photovoltaic technology. Download these seminar report papers to study this emerging technology. By the combined efforts of Electronics and Molecular Engineering, we might see a large application of Organic Solar Cells.
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