Wi-Vi Technology | PDF | PPT | Seminar Report

Wi-Vi means Wireless-Vision. Get the latest IEEE documentation for the seminar report on Wi-Vi Technology. Developed by MIT researchers, it uses Wi-Fi signals to see through the walls. Download the pdf and ppt reports to learn various applications, challenges, and solutions. 
Wi-Vi concept underlies seeing through opaque obstacles is similar to radar and sonar imaging. This paper describes how it is possible to track human motion with a through-wall gesture interface. Future Scope Evolution of seeing humans through denser building material and with a longer range. Wi-Vi can detect the number of humans moving in a closed space and can identify slight gestures. Wi-Vi captures the reflections of its own transmitted signals off moving objects behind a wall in order to track them. Wi-Vi's operation does not require access to any device on the other side of the wall. This technology could be very helpful in military and rescue operations. This project explores the potential of using Wi-Fi signals and recent advances in MIMO communications to build Wi-Vi. It would be a great topic for engineering students for a final year project and seminar report. Download the documentation to learn more about this topic. wi-vi technology