Three-Dimensional Holographic Projection | Seminar Report

Seminar Topic: Three-dimensional holographic projection technology is based on an illusionary technique called Peppers Ghost. It was first used in Victorian theatres across London in the 1860s. 3D holographic projection technology clearly has a big future ahead. Holographic projection is the new wave of technology that will change how we see things in the modern era. Three-dimensional holographic projection technology will have tremendous effects on all fields of life including business, education, science, art, and healthcare.

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To understand how a 3D holographic projector works we need to know what a hologram is. Holography is the method we use to record patterns of light. A 3D holoprojector uses holographic technology to project large-scale, high-resolution images onto a variety of different surfaces, at different focal distances, from a relatively small-scale projection device. 

 The working of holography is divided into two phases: 
1. Recording: Recording of the hologram: Basic tools required to make a hologram includes a red laser, lenses, beam splitter, mirrors and a holographic film. Holograms are recorded in a darker environment, this is to avoid the noise interference caused by other light sources.
2. Reconstruction:  A reconstruction beam of light is used to reconstruct the object wavefront.  The reconstruction beam is positioned at the same angle as the illuminating beam that was used during the recording phase.
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