DNA Computing PPT | Seminar Presentation

Download seminar PPT on the topic DNA Computing. The PPT explains the relatively new form of computing that, instead of using silicon-based technology, utilizes the abilities of the DNA molecule and biochemistry. Pioneered and experimentally verified by computer scientist Leonard Adleman of USC. “Molecular Computation of Solutions To Combinatorial Problems” Science 266(11) 1021-1024.

Although the field is still in its infancy, many significant advancements have been made since its inception. Adleman successfully demonstrated the viability of DNA computing through his experiments. Further research by Adleman and other groups solved more complex combinatorial problems. A novel direction was taken when the concept of an autonomous DNA computer was introduced by Benenson et al. DNA computing is utilizing the property of DNA for massively parallel computation. With an appropriate setup and enough DNA, one can potentially solve huge problems by parallel search. Utilizing DNA for this type of computation can be much faster than utilizing a conventional computer. Leonard Adleman proposed that the makeup of DNA and its multitude of possible combining nucleotides could have application in computational research techniques. The DNA Computing PPT further explains Adleman's experiment, operations, computation cycle, clinical applications, and future advancements. 

Download DNA Computing PPT