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Download the seminar report on the topic Electronic Textile and also study the most relevant PDF reports and journals to make your own distinct seminar report and presentation. The PDF reports we uploaded discuss the history of smart textiles development, their classification, the latest development in smart textiles and nanotechnology materials and fibers used, working designs, types, applications, key advances in the last few years, and future aspects of smart e-textiles.

e-textile seminar report pdf
E-textile or smart fabric is one of the emerging technologies in the electronic field. Rapidly shrinking electronic components have been a key enabler of the current generation of wearable technologies. The ability to remain connected all the time and everywhere is essential to the effectiveness of most wearables. 

What are E-Textiles?

E-textiles are smart fabrics in which digital electronic components are embedded. It is also referred to as smart clothing, smart garments, electronic textile, and smart fabrics. It can be used for wireless communication, can transform its shape and have the ability to conduct energy. They are able to sense and respond to external conditions (stimuli) in a predetermined way. Textile products which can act in a different manner than an average fabric and are mostly able to perform a special function certainly count as smart textiles. It can be made by incorporating smart materials, conductive polymers, encapsulated phase change materials, shape memory polymers and materials and other electronic sensors and communication equipment. E-textiles have great uses in every area taking from a normal person to a military person. It can be used to monitor heart rate, temperature, respiration, posture and more. For a sports person, it can help to acquire data that can be used to improve its skills. 

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