Seminar Report: Self-powered Railway Condition Monitoring System

The seminar report is primarily based on a studies article posted in the IEEE journal, titled “Self-Powered ZigBee Wireless Sensor Nodes for Railway Condition Monitoring” authored by Mingyuan Gao, Ping Wang, Yifeng Wang of School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan, China. The objective of the seminar report become to expand and analyze self-powered railway circumstance monitoring gadget. a magnetic levitation based totally power harvester is used for the mentioned motive.the need for railway condition tracking is critical.
Self-powered Railway Condition Monitoring System pdf
On this seminar report, we use a series of wireless sensors like accelerometer, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and the infrared detector for monitoring specific parameters of railway and the gathered statistics is transmitted the use of a ZigBee network. and those modules are powered using a magnetic levitation electricity harvester. So the vibrational energy produced by way of music can be applied to supply power, which in flip can electricity the modules. This seminar report investigated the possibility of establishing a self-powered wireless sensor network by integrating the techniques of ZigBee stack protocol and energy harvesting. 
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Journal: Monitoring the Railway Industry Zigbee Technology of Wireless Sensor Network