PPT on GST: Goods and Service Tax India

Download the latest PPT on GST, Goods, and Service Tax in India. PPT presentation on GST for students. It is considered as Biggest Tax Reform as well as Business Reform since independence. PPT discusses the GST Structure in India. Students can use these PPTs for Presentations.

Latest PPT on GST for Students

latest ppt on GST India Seminar
Here we have selected the best PPTs on GST for students for the subject presentation. Download and study them so that you could prepare your own presentation on GST. The first PPT contents are Introduction: GST A Game Changer, Benefits and Salient Features of GST, IGST Mechanism, Registration, and Returns, Role of Technology. GST is not just a tax reform but much more than that. It will change the way businesses are done. GST is going to impact each one of us in one way or another. PPT will discuss how GST is a win-win situation for all of us as well as for the country as a whole. Salient features. Besides registration and returns are the basic processes core to the functioning of all companies liable to pay tax. Technology is going to be the key enabler and will play a major role in the implementation of GST. Without a discussion on it, the topic will remain incomplete. The second PPT on GST describes the mechanism and benefits of GST. Why GST was needed? Benefits for Citizens and Industries.

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