Seminar Report on Machine Learning | PPT

Download the seminar report on the topic of Machine learning. A field of computer science and a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning concerns with developing computational theories of learning and building learning machines. Get the PDF seminar report to understand the concept. It is one of the exciting seminar topics for computer science CSE students.
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Machine Learning Seminar Report and PPT

The seminar report discusses the are the goals of machine learning and why these goals are important and desirable. Definition of Machine Learning is the ability of a machine to improve its own performance through the use of software that employs artificial intelligence techniques to mimic the ways by which humans seem to learn, such as repetition and experience. There are a total of 8 chapters in the seminar report. The first chapter of the seminar report gives the Introduction to Machine Learning. The second chapter explains what's learning means here. The seminar report overviews the: 
  • Acquisition of new (symbolic) knowledge
  • Development of the motor or cognitive skills through instruction and practice
  • Refinement and organization of knowledge into more effective representations or more useful forms. 
  • Discovery of new facts and theories through observation and experiment
A system with learning capability should be able to do self-changing in order to perform better in its future problem-solving. Chapter 3 of the seminar report presents the history of Machine Learning. Within the relatively short history of this discipline, one may distinguish three major periods, each centered on a different concept:
  • Neural modeling and decision-theoretic techniques
  • Symbolic concept-oriented learning
  • Knowledge-intensive approaches combining various learning strategies
Chapter 4 of the seminar report discusses the Wellsprings of Machine Learning. A brief listing of some of the separate disciplines that have contributed to machine learning.
  • Statistics
  • Brain Models
  • Adaptive Control Theory
  • Psychological Models
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Evolutionary Models
The next chapter of the Machine learning seminar report focuses on the Aim of Machine Learning and Machine Learning as a Science. Chapter 6 and 7 of the seminar report explains the Classification of Machine Learning and Types of Machine Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning Application, and Examples of Machine Learning Problems. Lastly, the seminar report overviews the future scope and concluded the report Machine Learning Theory is both a fundamental theory with many basic and compelling foundational questions and a topic of practical importance that helps to advance the state of the art in software by providing mathematical frameworks for designing new machine learning algorithms. It is an exciting time for the field, as connections to many other areas are being discovered and explored, and new machine learning applications bring new questions to be modeled and studied. It is safe to say that the potential of Machine Learning and its theory lies beyond the frontiers of our imagination.

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