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The seminar report on Modular Building Construction Technique discusses the temporary methods of using modular units in construction. Here we have uploaded the best-selected reports and journals which will help you with the seminar and civil engineering projects. Download PDF seminar report journals and seminar PPT on Modular  Building Construction Technique. 
Seminar Report on Modular Building Construction
The advanced world experience in the construction of modular buildings is analyzed. Seminar Report emphasized that modular construction has the potential to shorten project design and engineering time, reduce costs and improve construction productivity. The installation of modular buildings is cost-efficient, safe, and eco-friendly. 


The abstract of the PDF paper for the seminar report titled Modular buildings in modern construction states Modern modular systems are based on using not only large elements such as block rooms but various small 3D building elements. The analysis result of Russian developments in the construction of modular buildings proves that Russia has great experience in the development of 3D reinforced concrete modules. As the research results, the article shows promise for developing modern modular construction systems in order to provide the population with affordable, comfortable, and eco-friendly housing. The PDF paper describes the prospects and relevance of introducing modular prefabricated units not only into low-rise but into multi-story and high-rise construction as well.
The abstract of the PDF paper for the seminar report titled Modular construction technique states Modular construction is widely used for single and double-story as well as multi-story residential buildings. Modular construction technique has played an important role in producing construction elements quickly and efficiently. The modules are produced in a factory and are then transported to the construction site being prepared and then assembled. The modular construction of houses is an innovation that has the potential to tackle issues related to environmental and sustainability concerns at a rapid rate, mechanizes the construction process, enabling the mass manufacture of affordable houses in a short time period.   

Seminar Reports on Modular Building Construction | PDF

Modular Construction: Definition
A resource-efficient, off-site delivery method to construct code-compliant buildings in a quality-controlled setting. The life expectancy of modular construction is the same as conventional, but modular construction is more eco-friendly than conventional construction. They spend significantly less on-site time, and finally, modular construction allows a building to be more readily deconstructed and moved to another location. 

Major Advantages of Modular Construction
Fewer Materials Waste 
Less Material Exposure to Inclement Weather
Less Site Disturbance 
Safer Construction 
Built to Code With Shorter Build Times 

Modular Building Construction PPT

Download PPT presentation on Modular Building Construction for Civil Engineering Seminar. The PPT gives an overview of the major advantages of modular construction over convention construction techniques. The PPT also points out the issues and impediments to modular construction. The modular building PPT also explains the concept of modular coordination and the term modular reference systems. 

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