Claytronics: Programmable Matter | Seminar Report | PPT

Download Claytronics Seminar Report and Claytronics PPT. Claytronics is a futurist idea that primarily brings along the simplest contributions of applied science and nanoscale artificial intelligence to fashion particularised nanometer-scale computers normally stated as claytronic atoms.

Claytronics Seminar Report

“Claytronics” is a developing field of electronics reconfigurable nano-scale robots (‘claytronic atoms’ or catoms) designed to form much larger machines or mechanisms. Also known as ‘Programmable matter’, the catoms will be sub-millimeter computers that will eventually have the ability to move around, communicate with each other, change color, electrostatically connect to other catoms to form different shapes. The shapes made up of catoms could mutate into nearly any object, even replicas of human beings for virtual meetings. The design for the Claytronics model is extremely on scalable modular robotics developed as part of the Claytronics Project. This concept foresees multimillion-module robot outfits which are able to change into three-dimensional prospects, eventually with sufficient conformity so as to persuade that the visions are for real. 

This project involves coordination and communication of sensing and actuation across such large ensembles of independent units. The Claytronics seminar report and Claytronics PPT talk about the need to understand and develop the hardware and software necessary to create programmable matter, a material that can be programmed to form dynamic three-dimensional shapes which can interact in the physical world and visually take on an arbitrary appearance and thus replicate to an item using mini-computers.  According to Carnegie Mellon’s Synthetic Reality Project personnel, claytronics is described as “An ensemble of material that contains sufficient local computation, actuation, storage, energy, sensing and communication” which can be programmed to form interesting dynamic shapes and configurations.

Claytronics technology is currently being researched by Professor Seth Goldstein and Professor Todd C. Mowry at Carnegie Mellon University, which is where the term was coined. This technology is not only effective in many skilled disciplines from engineering innovativeness, education, and healthcare to entertainment and leisure activities such as video games but it is a step that can lead the world towards an innovative revolution. 

The main purpose of this technology is to improve human-to-human communication even when they remain considerably far away. A beautiful example to depict the worth of this technology is video conferencing which makes the 2-D image to be transferred from one place to another but is impossible to transfer a 3-D image. Using claytronics, the physical presence of the person sitting beside can be felt continents away. This system could also have a role in telemedicine, allowing a patient and doctor to be miles away and examining the patient with claytronics emulations. Thus, this is the next unparalleled entity towards a Future World.

Download Claytronics Seminar Report and PPT