3D Metal Printing Technology Seminar Report | Download

Seminar Topic: 3D Metal Printing. Download documents for seminar report on 3D metal printing. As 3D printing metals are on the rise, understanding the processes becomes more valuable. The seminar report discusses how 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) emerges as the most promising manufacturing technology, which may revolutionize the concept of small customized part manufacturing.

3D Metal Printing Technology: Documents for Seminar Report

Here, we have uploaded three pdf papers for the seminar report which will help you to understand the approaches of metal additive manufacturing. This paper presents an overview of 3D Printing technologies, materials, applications, advantages, disadvantages, challenges, economics, and applications of 3D metal printing technology. 3D Printing is a tool-less manufacturing method that can produce fully dense metallic parts in a short time, with high precision. Freedom of part design, part complexity, light-weighting, part consolidation, and design features for function are garnering particular interests in metal additive manufacturing for aerospace, oil & gas, marine, and automobile applications.
3D Metal Printing Technology Seminar Report
The second paper discusses How to Design for 3D Printing with  Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMSL). Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing method that builds prototype and production metal parts using a laser to selectively fuse a fine metal powder. DMLS creates fully functional parts out of metals such as cobalt chrome, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and many others.
In the third paper for the seminar, the report deals with several problems which need to be addressed before the process could be made viable and economical for metals and attempt made to provide the solutions.