High Speed Machining (HSM) PDF Seminar Report and PPT

A seminar report on High-Speed Machining (HSM) for Mechanical Engineering seminar. Machining with high speeds (HSM) is one of the modern technologies, which in comparison with conventional cutting enables to increase efficiency, accuracy, and quality of workpieces and at some time to decrease costs and machining time.

High-Speed Machining (HSM) PDF Seminar Report

high speed machining pdf
The pdf seminar report explains the definition, applications of HSM, recommended critical parameters for high-speed machining, Machine tools for HSM – requirements, Machining methods for the die and mold manufacturing, several methods used for machining the cavity. The seminar concludes that hard competition causes the rapid development of machining technology and the design of new solutions.

High-Speed Machining is proposed as an example. HSM ensures high metal removal rates, boosts productivity, improves surface finish, and eliminates the need for coolant. In spite of the high requirements of machining tools, High-Speed Machining gives numerous benefits. It allows shortening the production time and eliminates some treatment (e.g. manual finishing) besides simultaneously retaining the accuracy. These advantages are decisive for the use of High-Speed Machining for machining the press dies. Even though HSM has been known for a long time, the research is still being developed for further improvement of quality and minimization of costs.