Nanofluids Seminar Report and PPT Presentation

Seminar Topic: Nano Fluids. Download mechanical engineering seminar report and ppt presentation on nanofluids. Suspended nanoparticles in various base fluids can alter the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of the base fluids. Necessary studies ought to be applied before a large application may be found for nanofluids.

nanofluids seminar report ppt
Nanofluids are suspensions of nanoparticles in fluids that show significant enhancement of their properties at modest nanoparticle concentrations. These particles, generally stable metals or metal oxide: (Al2O3, ZrO2, SiO2, Fe3O4, Cu, Au, carbon, diamond, fullerene, polymer (Teflon), etc.) Modern nanotechnology provides new opportunities to process and produces materials with average crystallite sizes below 50 nm. Fluids with nanoparticles suspended in them are called nanofluids, a term proposed in 1995 by Choi of the Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A. (Choi, 1995). Nanofluids can be considered to be the next-generation heat transfer fluids because they offer exciting new possibilities to enhance heat transfer performance compared to pure liquids. 

Nanofluids Seminar Report

In this seminar report, we present an overview of the literature dealing with recent developments in the study of heat transfer using nanofluids. In the seminar report first, we discuss the preparation of nanofluids; this is followed by a review of recent experimental and analytical investigations with nanofluids.

Heat transfer enhancement of nanofluids: This seminar report presents a procedure for preparing a nanofluid which is a suspension consisting of nanophase powders and a base liquid. The seminar report proposed a theoretical model to describe the heat transfer performance of the nanofluid flowing in a tube, accounting for the dispersion of solid particles

Applications of Nanofluids: Current and Future- This seminar report focuses on presenting the broad range of current and future applications that involve nanofluids, emphasizing their improved heat transfer properties that are controllable and the specific characteristics that these nanofluids possess that make them suitable for such applications.

Nanofluids PPT for Seminar Presentation

The nanofluids ppt briefly explains the preparation, characterization, and applications of nanofluids. 

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