Seminar Report on Building Information Models (BIM)

Civil Engineering Seminar Topic: Building Information Models (BIM). Civil Engineering is going through a major transition as new innovations and advanced technologies are coming up to speed up the projects. Civil engineers can now build virtual models of their designs through the advanced 3D modeling process. These technologies save the time taken to turn building drawings into reality. One of the latest trends among civil engineers is BIM which provides engineers a chance to visualize completed designs at the onset. Building Information Models (BIM) have revealed themselves as a good tool to support construction actions, due to their ability to store all the information in one digital model and to promote collaboration between all participants in a project.

Building Information Models (BIM) Seminar Report

In recent times, civil engineers are placing more prominence on computer vision, BIM and 3D printing technologies. Civil Engineering students require a continuous updating of knowledge concerning procedures and the latest technologies used in the construction industry. In this sense, we have uploaded the PDF paper for the seminar report to provide knowledge concerning the implementation of BIM in several construction projects. 
Seminar Report on Building Information Models (BIM)

The seminar report describes the use of BIM: Generation and use of a 4D/BIM model to support construction planning; coordination of construction project based on BIM methodology; conflict analysis based in an architectural 3D/BIM model. 

This PDF paper will help the civil engineering student to understand the concept so that you can draft your own seminar report. The work shown in the paper demonstrates the edges of introducing BIM for building tasks purposes when compared with the conventional process. The main objective of the paper is to add competitive skills in the training of future civil engineers.