Low Cost Housing Building Methodologies: Seminar Report

Seminar Report on Building Methodologies for Low-Cost Housing


This seminar report aims to point out the various aspects of prefabricated building methodologies for low-cost housing by highlighting the different prefabrication techniques, and the economic advantages achieved by its adoption. Housing is a basic need of human being. But this is out of the means of the low-income householder who constitute the majority of the population in the country. Low-cost housing becomes a must in civil engineering. In this seminar report some methods of low-cost housing given.
low cost housing seminar report
In a building the foundation, walls, doors and windows, floors, and roofs are the most important components, which can be analyzed individually based on the needs thus, improving the speed of construction and reducing the construction cost. The major current methods of construction systems considered here are namely, structural block walls, mortarless block walls, prefabricated roofing components like precast RC planks, precast hollow concrete panels, precast concrete/Ferro cement panels are considered.
Affordable housing is a term used to describe dwelling units whose total housing costs are deemed “Affordable” to a group of people within a specified income range (Wikipedia). In India, the technology to be adopted for housing components should be such that the production and erection technology be adjusted to suit the level of skills and handling facilities available under metropolitan, urban, and rural conditions.

Approach for Low-Cost Housing

  • There should be a logical approach for providing appropriate technology based on the availability of options, considering its technical and economic analysis.
  • There should be optimal space in the design considering the efficiency of space, minimum circulation space.
  • The economy should be considered in the design of individual buildings, layouts, clusters, etc.
  • While preparing the specifications it should be kept in mind that, cost-effective construction systems are adopted.
  • Energy efficiency has gained considerable importance due to the energy crisis, especially in developing countries. Orientation, built–form, openings & materials play a vital role besides landscaping / outdoor environment.
  • To develop an effective mechanism for providing appropriate technology-based shelter particularly to the vulnerable group and economically weaker

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