Seminar Topics on Information Security [Download Reports]

Information Security in the modern world has a particularly high value. Through the general wide access to technology, it can be processed and transmitted extremely quickly, which makes the data of various entities particularly sensitive to leaks and unauthorized access. 
Information Security Seminar Topics
Effective use of information technologies is a core factor for accelerating economic development and organizing new information society. In this article, we present some of the best PDF documents for seminar topics related to Information security.

Information Security Seminar Topics

Importance of Cryptography in Information Security

This investigation argues that cryptography is a very effective technique to protect highly confidential and valuable information from cybercriminals. Information security is becoming one of the hot topics around the world. (Download PDF)

Information security as a factor shaping modern management

The aim of the article was to indicate how important information security is in the management of an enterprise. According to the analysis of the economic reality of the 21st century, it is the cybersecurity problems that should constitute the focus of every economic entity and create effective actions counteracting such phenomena. (Download PDF)

An Infrastructure Supporting a Game-Based Learning System for Information Security Topics

This paper describes the design of the infrastructure and discusses the reasoning behind the decisions made in the process to create a game-based learning system for information security topics. This paper also discusses the sophisticated virtual networking and security implementation required to tie all the parts of the gaming system together. (Download PDF)

Innovative Development Of Tools And Technologies To Ensure Information Security 

In this work, we produced the analysis results of information technology development and information security threats in various areas. A comparative analysis of the basic defensive settings implemented by information security systems and various types of protection tools are being discussed. (Download PDF)

Information System Security: Human Aspects

This paper presents the relationship of the human factor in information security showing the human weaknesses which can cause unintentional harm to the organization and discuss,  be that as it may, information security awareness may be a major tool in overcoming these weaknesses. (Download PDF)