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IEEE Seminar Topics on 5G 

5G is the next step in mobile telecommunication standards. Researchers all over the world are focusing on the development of 5G communication systems, to be fully available for users by 2020. This era of wireless communication will bring new exclusive network technologies and service capabilities. We have seen fast evolutions in the mobile communication systems from the first generation (1G) to the fourth-generation (4G), where the newer generations always came with significant upgrades in their performance. 
5G seminar topics IEEE papers
The existing 4G systems can provide over 1 Gbps maximum data rates, which has made various attractive applications (such as wireless video calls, remote house monitoring, and machine type communications) possible. Furthermore, it is predicted that the commercial deployment of fifth-generation (5G) systems will be approximately in the early of 2020s pledge to provide a massive amount of raw bandwidth, low latency, and multi-gigabit per second (Gbps) data rates through both the sub-6 GHz bands (e.g.: 5.8 GHz) and the mmWave frequency spectrum. Here we have provided some of the latest seminar topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) branch students. Go through the PDF to get ideas for the latest seminar topics on 5G.

Seminar Topics

5G: Future Generation Technology (PDF)
5G Network: Architecture and Emerging Technologies (IEEE Full-Text PDF)
A Primer on 5G (Download PDF)
Roadmap for 5G in India (Download PDF)
Challenges for the implementation of 5G in India (Download)
5G, Huawei and India (PDF)
Huawei, 5G, and China as a Security Threat (PDF)
Security for 5G Mobile Wireless Networks (IEEE Paper)
Power Saving Techniques for 5G and Beyond (IEEE journal)
Modulation Schemes for Future 5G Cellular Networks (PDF)
5G is Real: Evaluating the Compliance of the 3GPP 5G New Radio System With the ITU IMT-2020 Requirements (IEEE Paper)
5G Backhaul Challenges and Emerging Research Directions (IEEE paper)
Optimal Design of 5G Networks in Rural Zones with UAVs, Optical Rings, Solar Panels and Batteries (Download PDF)
Enabling 5G in India (PDF)
Review On 5G Wireless Technology (Download PDF)
Design of 5G Multiband Antenna (Download PDF)
Fifth Generation (5G) in Wireless Mobile Communication Systems (Download PDF)
Enabling Technologies for 5G Cellular Networks (Download PDF)
Compact Micro Strip Antenna For 5G Mobile Phone Applications (Download PDF)
5G beyond radio access (Download PDF)
Cooperative Data Transfers for 5G Networks (PDF)
A novel spectrum handoff management in cognitive 5G networks (PDF)
5G Standardization Trends at 3GPP (Download PDF)
User Aware Edge Caching in 5G Wireless Networks (Download PDF)
5G Radio Access Network Standardization Trends (Download PDF)
Opportunities for High-Frequency Materials in 5G and the IoT (Download PDF)
5G for Europe: The importance of youth in the data economy (Download PDF)
Characteristics of Beam Steering Phased Array Antenna for 5G Applications (Download PDF)
A Multiband Antenna Design Comprising the Future 5G Mobile Technology (PDF)
5G-Based Smart Healthcare Network: Architecture, Taxonomy, Challenges and Future Research Directions (IEEE Paper)