Extradosed Bridge: Civil Engineering Seminar Report (PDF)

Extradosed Bridge: Concept

The structural concept of different structures and bridges has been developed and observed from the very beginning of Civil Engineering but the Extradosed Bridge concept is a new and exciting development in the history of Structural Engineering as well as Bridge Engineering which opens a new era in this field. Over the last decade, Extradosed bridges have become an attractive structural type around the world, due to the good results obtained with the first bridges constructed in Japan in 1994. This new typology, generally recognized as an intermediate solution between cable-stayed bridges and cantilever constructed prestressed box-girder bridges, because these take advantage of design and construction methods of the other two typologies, has become an interesting option.
Extradosed Bridge Seminar Report
Visually, extradosed bridges are most obviously distinguished from cable-stayed bridges by their tower height in proportion to the main span. Extradosed bridges typically have a tower height of less than one-eighth of the main span, corresponding to a cable inclination of 17 degrees, as observed from the bridges considered.

Extradosed Bridge Seminar Report

We have provided PDF papers of the thesis and projects which will help you to understand the concept and prepare the seminar report. The first paper for the seminar report is a thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Applied Science, Graduate Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto. The purpose of this thesis is to provide insight into how different geometric parameters such as tower height, girder depth, and pier dimensions influence the structural behavior, cost, and feasibility of an extradosed bridge. The objectives are as follows:
1. Clarify what is meant by an extradosed bridge and how this structure type has evolved;
2. Provide a comprehensive summary of extradosed bridges constructed to date;
3. Determine the loads that govern the design of an extradosed bridge;
4. Find a strategy for the design of an extradosed bridge;
5. Determine if providing stiffness in the girder of a cable-supported structure is an efficient structural solution;
6. Determine if an extradosed bridge is competitive against a cantilever constructed girder bridge;

The second PDF paper for the seminar report describes its origin, the influence of the principal structural elements, and the design criteria proposed by researchers are presented. In this way, it is expected to offer a general insight into the design conception and structural behavior of Extradosed Bridges, so that they may be considered as an alternative structure for a bridge.