3D Modular Volumetric Construction | Seminar Report | PPT

3D Volumetric Construction is a modular construction technology in which 3D units are produced in controlled factory setups using necessary construction and building materials. The finished units are transported to the site in various modules, basic structural blocks or final touched-up units with all desirable or useful facilities installed, for assembly. The blocks can be erected speedily at the site and properties of concrete like fire retardant, sound resistivity, thermal mass, etc. are retained.
3D Modular Volumetric Construction | Seminar Report | PPT

3D Modular Volumetric Construction Seminar Report (PDF)

3D Volumetric Construction is one of the modern building construction techniques in civil engineering. This would be a nice seminar topic for civil engineering. Download the PPT and seminar report to learn this innovative technology which is being harnessed optimally for improving the quality of buildings. This seminar report is about the modular house design that is a house constructed in a factory but assembled on site. 

The present-day methods for the construction of modular homes prove to be efficient but are found to be of typical design and for one of many reasons the popularity of modular homes has gone down in many places on the planet. The seminar report focuses on the development of the design of modular homes which allows the user to interchange spaces of the house as and when required. This concept allows the user to invest valuable resources like time and money to flexibly to the capacity and needs of the user.

Modular Volumetric Construction PPT

In the PPT, there are a total of 42 slides that present the following points
  • Modular Construction - Introduction
  • Why choose modular construction?
  • The benefits of using the modular system for overseas construction
  • Modular construction - when to use it?
  • Construction of walls and floors in modular units
  • Architectural aspects
  • Logistical requirements
  • Durability and design life of Modular units
  • Acoustic performance
  • Types Of Modules
  • Module fabrication 
  • Module fit-out
  • Module placement
  • Module cladding and roofing
  • Examples with Images

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