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Technology innovation has always been a key factor among the carmakers in the automotive industry. Each generation of cars has not only brought drivers sleeker designs and more powerful engines, but also more advanced electronics.
seminar topics on car IEEE
Let's explore the list of seminar topics on Car. Download PDF research papers to study and get ideas for the seminar report. The topics are based on various papers based on IEEE research papers and journals. The main seminar topics covered are based on Self-driving cars, Electric Cars, Brain Controlled Cars, Connected cars and other topics related to cars.

Self-Driving Car IEEE Seminar Topics

Self-Driving car: A technical report (PDF)
Self-Driving Cars: A Survey (PDF)
Self-Driving Cars as a Technological Sublime (PDF)
Towards the Adoption of Self-Driving Cars (PDF)
Self-Driving Car Simulator (PDF)
Key Ingredients of Self-Driving Cars (PDF)
Self – Driving Car -A Computer will Park for You (PDF)
Automatic parking of self-driving car based on LIDAR (PDF)
Self-Driving Car Rules Will Lag Tech, Think Tanks Predict (PDF)
Google Self-Driving Car Strategy and Implications (Download PDF)
Self Driving Car System Using (AI) Artificial Intelligence (PDF)
Decision Assist for Self-driving Cars (Download PDF)
Object Detection using Single Shot Detector for a Self-Driving Car (PDF)
Self-driving Car Using Soft Computing (Download PDF)
Self-Driving Car Steering Angle Prediction Based on Image Recognition (PDF)
Design and Implementation of Autonomous Car using Raspberry Pi (PDF)
Implementation of Self Driving car Emulator using Machine Learning (PDF)
Using Artificial Intelligence to create a low-cost self-driving car (Download PDF)
Survey on Autonomous Vehicle Control Using Reinforcement Learning (PDF)
Testing environment and verification procedure for in-car tasks with dynamic self-paced driving scenarios (Download PDF)
Development of a modified technology acceptance model for an innovative car-sharing concept with self-driving cars (PDF)

Electric Car IEEE Seminar Topics

What Does an Electric Vehicle Replace? (PDF)
Ride Blending Control for Electric Vehicles (PDF)
Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Vehicle Adoption (PDF)
Optimal Design of a Hybrid Electric Car with Solar Cells (PDF)
Charging Technologies For Commercial Electric Vehicles (PDF)
Should All Cars Be Electric by 2025? The Electric Car Debate in Europe (PDF)
A study on indirect environment-related effects of electric car vehicles use (PDF)
Improving Electric Vehicle Performance Using Photovoltaic Cells (Download)
Towards The New Energy Storage System For Conventional Cars (Download)
Using Composite Materials For Dashboard Design Of An Electric Car (PDF)
Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Some Theoretical Considerations on Consumption Behaviour (PDF)

Brain Controlled Car IEEE Seminar Topics

Brain Controlled Car for Disabledusing Artificial Intelligence (Download PDF)
A Survey on Brain Controlled Car Using EEG (PDF)
Self-paced EEG-based Brain-controlled car in Real-World Environment (PDF)
Brain Controlled Robot Car (PDF)

Connected Car Technology IEEE Seminar Topics

A gateway to the connected car (PDF)
Car Information System for Added Value in Connected Cars (PDF)
A Collision-Free Car-Following Model for Connected Automated Vehicles (PDF)
Manipulation of Nodes in a Connected Car Network (PDF)
Connected Car Solutions Based on IoT (PDF)
The concepts of connected car and internet of cars and their impact on future people mobility (Download)
Cyber-Physical-Human System for Connected Car-Based e-Tourism (IEEE Journal)
A Structured Approach to Securing the Connected Car (Download Thesis)

Other seminar topics for Cars

The Design of Mobile Control Car Security System (PDF)
Automatic Car Navigation System with Kalman Filter Algorithm (PDF)
Car Access Using Multimodal Biometrics (Download PDF)
Smart Cars and Information Security (PDF)
Aerodynamics of Race Cars (PDF)
Security System for Car using CAN Protocol (PDF)
Vibration Analysis on Car Seats due to Rough and Smooth Road Conditions (PDF)