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An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that allows a computer to solve a problem. A particular problem can typically be solved by more than one algorithm. Optimization is the process of finding the most efficient algorithm for a given task.
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An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer". Download PDF papers for various topics related to the algorithm.
2019 Evolutionary Algorithms (Download PDF)
Modern Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms (Download)
Different Searching Algorithms (PDF)
Computer Animation Algorithms and Techniques (PDF)
Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithms (Download)
Encryption Algorithms for Color Images (Download)
Efficient Algorithms for Personalized PageRank (PDF)
Automated Algorithm Selection –Predict which algorithm to use! (Download)
Quantum Algorithm Design: Techniques and Applications (Download)
Algorithmic Fairness (Download PDF)
Local Computation Algorithms (Download)
Text Classification Algorithms (PDF)
A Comparative Study of Bug Algorithms for Robot Navigation (PDF)
Approximation Algorithms for Process Systems Engineering (PDF)
Algorithms for Verifying Deep Neural Networks (PDF)
A Comparative Review of Recent Kinect-based Action Recognition Algorithms (IEEE Paper)
Quadratic Search: A New and Fast Searching Algorithm (An extension of classical Binary search strategy) PDF
Distributed Algorithms for Fully Personalized PageRank on Large Graphs (PDF)
A Comparative Analysis of Three Different Types of Searching Algorithms in Data Structure (PDF)
The free text-matching algorithm: a computer program to extract diagnoses and causes of death from unstructured text in electronic health records (PDF)