How is Internet Affecting Our Intelligence: Essay | Seminar Reports

Today the internet is the most widespread and adopted technology in the history of humanity. Technology can have both positive and negative consequences for society at different times. The need is to understand the true impact of the internet on our intelligence so that people can build a healthy society. 
how internet affecting our brain
We commonly use the internet to improve our own productivity, explore our interests, and ultimately increase our potential to explore and innovate. In academics, the internet increases access for all students to information not known to teachers, and therefore, increases the opportunities for teachers and students both to learn more. 

Despite the benefits, many studies show that with our heavy reliance on the internet every day, our originality and higher-order thinking is diminishing. Our critical thinking as a generation is declining in comparison to that of past generations. Through Google search, one can easily find solutions to questions online and take information that the internet supplies rather than analyzing topics and critically thinking on our own. The never-ending use of technology, especially when it comes to computers has significantly decreased one’s power of imagination and creativity and therefore consequently, a person’s brainpower has been affected in a negative manner. Let's go through some of the topics related to the impact of the internet and google search on our intelligence. Download and study the PDF papers to draft an essay or making seminar reports on how the internet affecting our intelligence.

Seminar Reports and Essay

Internet Affect: Google Search Affecting Our Intelligence (Download PDF)
The Internet’s Impact on Our Thinking (Download Full Report)
The “online brain”: how the Internet may be changing our cognition (PDF)
Is Google Making Us Smart? An Essay on the Effects of the Internet (PDF)