Use of Waste Materials in Road Construction: Seminar Report | PPT

Adoption of Waste Materials in Road Construction

In recent years, applications of industrial wastes have been considered in road construction with great interest in many industrialized and developing countries. The use of these materials in road making is based on technical, economic, and ecological criteria.  Some of the recycled waste materials examined are plastic waste (Plastic Roads), mill tailings, geopolymers, waste glass, rubber tire waste, shingles, construction and demolition wastes (C&D), and slag. 
Use of Waste Materials in Road Construction PDF
These recycled materials have been accepted globally due to their characteristic properties which made the materials suitable in the construction industry. The study in the seminar report examines the various recycled waste materials that can be adopted for construction, including their prospects and challenges. The seminar reports for civil engineering also examine some limitations relating to the adoption of these materials as alternative construction materials for highway/pavement construction. Various industrial wastes for use in the construction of highway has been discussed in the PDF seminar report. 

Seminar Reports on Use of Waste Materials in Road Construction (PDF)

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Use of Recycled Waste Materials in Road Construction