IoT Toward COVID-19 Pandemic: Seminar Topics, Reports (PDF)

The COVID-19 pandemic has made an enormous impact in almost every sector across the world and affected all spheres of our daily life. Spanning from healthcare to transports, from education to manufacturing, the impact of the COVID-19 has been felt in almost all domains. With the resulting issues provided by the pandemic, there is a growing interest in developing solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) on a global scale. 
IoT for covid-19 pandemic
The pandemic's disruptions have prompted a surge in the adoption of IoT solutions such as remote health monitoring, intelligent air quality analysis, remote industrial maintenance, and service robotics. The goal of this page is to provide PDF reports, journals, and articles based on original research in the field of IoT applied to scenarios related to COVID-19. This will help study and understand how IoT is helpful for an infected patient of COVID-19 to identify symptoms and provides better treatment rapidly also explains its usefulness to the patient, physician, surgeon, and hospital management system. The papers will also help to select seminar topics and draft seminar reports for technical students.

Topics on IoT Solutions for Combating COVID-19 Pandemic

Role of IoT to avoid spreading of COVID-19 (Download PDF)

IoT meets COVID-19: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities (PDF)

IoT Platform for COVID-19 Prevention and Control (IEEE Paper)

COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity (PDF)

IoT Enabled Wearable Device for COVID Safety and Emergencies (Download PDF)

Application of IoT in Current Pandemic of COVID-19 (PDF)

IoT in the Face of COVID-19 (Download PDF)

Digital technology and COVID-19 (Download PDF )

Covid-19 fever symptom detection based on IoT cloud (PDF)

An IoT Framework for Screening of COVID-19 Using Real-Time Data from Wearable Sensors (PDF)

Detection and monitoring of the asymptotic COVID-19 patients using IoT devices and sensors (Article)

Detection and Tracking Contagion using IoT-Edge Technologies: Confronting COVID-19 Pandemic (IEEE Paper)

Future IoT tools for COVID-19 contact tracing and prediction: A review of the state-of-the-science (PDF)

Impact of COVID-19 on IoT Adoption in Healthcare, Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Transportation and Industrial IoT (Download Paper)

Smart healthcare support for remote patient monitoring during covid-19 quarantine (Download PDF)

An integrated fog and Artificial Intelligence smart health framework to predict and prevent COVID-19 (Download Journal)

Internet of Things for Current COVID-19 and Future Pandemics: An Exploratory Study (PDF)

Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Architecture for Social Distancing During Pandemic (Download Article)

Internet of Things (IoT) enabled healthcare helps to take the challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)

Internet of things (IoT) applications to fight against COVID-19 pandemic (PDF Report)

Application of cognitive Internet of Medical Things for COVID-19 pandemic (PDF)

COVID-SAFE: An IoT-Based System for Automated Health Monitoring and Surveillance in Post Pandemic Life (IEEE paper)

CIoTVID: Towards an Open IoT-Platform for Infective Pandemic Diseases such as COVID-19 (Download PDF)

Apply IOT technology to practice a pandemic prevention body temperature measurement system: A case study of response measures for COVID-19 (PDF)

Integration and Applications of Fog Computing and Cloud Computing Based on the IoT for Provision of Healthcare Services at Home (Download PDF)