Cybersecurity: Topics for Seminar, Research papers

Cyber security is the most concerning matter as cyber threats and attacks are overgrowing. Attackers are now using more sophisticated techniques to target the systems. It manages the set of techniques used to save the integrity of networks, programs, and data from unauthorized access. It refers to the body of technologies, processes, and it may also be referred to as information technology security. This page mostly emphasizes the topics of cyber security and its various applications. The significant trends of cybersecurity and the consequence of cybersecurity are discussed in the papers.

cybersecurity seminar topics, Research papers

Cyber Security (Download PDF)

Overview of Cyber Security (Seminar Report PDF)

Cybersecurity in India: An Evolving Concern for National Security  (Full Report)

Cyber security: Study on Attack, Threat, Vulnerability (Download PDF)

Cybersecurity: Trends, Issues, and Challenges (Download Full Report)

Cyber Security Challenges and Its Emerging Trends on Latest Technologies (Download)

Cybersecurity for Small Business (Download PDF Report)

Digital Notes on Cyber Security (Download PDF)

Cyber Crime, Cyber Space and Effects of Cyber Crime (PDF)

Cyber Security and Cyber Crime (Seminar Report)

The future of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity (PDF Report)

Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity (IEEE Paper)

Advanced Topics on Cybersecurity for Seminar and Research Paper

Data Mining Approach for Cyber Security (Download PDF)

Smart Grid Cyber Security: An Overview of Threats and Countermeasures (PDF)

Cyber Warfare: Implications for India (PDF)

A Machine Learning Framework for Cybersecurity Operations (PDF Report)

The Use of Self-Replicating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle CyberSecurity Issues in a Post-Pandemic World, Ph.D. Proposal (PDF)

AI and the Future of Cyber Competition (PDF)

Cybersecurity issues in industrial critical infrastructure: manufacturing in perspective (PDF)

Cyber Security Threat Analysis In Higher Education Institutions As A Result Of Distance Learning (PDF)

Attacks on components of IoT systems and cybersecurity technologies (PDF Download)